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The United States had expanded through the Islands it acquired since the 1890s. The islands, which were intended to be only colonies for United States, turned out to be some of the country’s empires. The United States started having interest in areas beyond its boundaries by 1870s in order to gain markets. These areas included the Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Americans considered people in other areas as less civilized, and therefore, wanted to enlighten them. The United States, under leadership of state secretaries like William Seward and James Blain, pursued an expansionist policy, which enabled it to acquire Alaska and the Midway Islands (Chapter 21 p. 1). America wanted to expand and have more area, and this ended with America acquiring other territories.

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After the civil war, America pursued a mission to acquire Alaska Island and Midway Islands, which it successfully acquired. This was the season between 1867 and 1900 where America unsuccessfully tried to acquire Hawaii and Santo Domingo. Hawaii was a natural station located between Asia and America, and this attracted the Americans. America later acquired Hawaii in 1898. The island of Samoa was pursued by the United States from 1872 when they obtained port facilities at Pago Pago. The United States agreed to share the port in 1899 with Germany (Chapter 21 p. 4).

These territories were important to the American government and society in that some of them acted like ports. A good example is Samoa Island, which had Pago Pago port. Hawaii was a great producer of sugar, and therefore, America had a great economic interest. Hawaii and the island of Alaska were important to the American government in order to settle its citizens there. As soon as the United States acquired these areas under its empire, it gave its citizens in the areas the American citizenship (Chapter 21 p. 5).

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