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The American companies operating in their southern neighbor Mexico, have access to cheap labor availed by the Mexicans. Workers in Mexico work for very long hours, but get low wages in return. Workers in Mexico earn 80% below their fellow workers in the United States (BBC World Service par.1). They risk losing their jobs anytime, and they are rarely paid during holidays. In 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed (BBC World Service par. 4).

This allowed the establishment of factories in Mexico, which manufacture goods destined for the American market. These factories take advantage of the cheap available labor in the country. The factories are mostly located in the export processing zones where the labor laws are less strict (BBC World Service par. 4). Mexican citizens congregate around these factories in search of jobs despite the long working hours and low wages. The international labor organization has done little to improve the condition of these workers. The organization calls for the establishment of trade unions to fight for the rights of these poorly paid workers.

“North American Leaders discuss Mexico's Drug Cartels”

The business of drugs in Mexico has negatively affected trade within the country and in other countries. A meeting between the American president with the leaders of Mexico and Canada decided to fight the drug business in Mexico. This is in an effort to try to expand business relations between these countries. The drug business on the US Mexico border affects all citizens in the United States (Cohen par. 2). Controlling the flow of drugs into the United States is achievable through reduction of demand for drugs in the country (Cohen par. 11). President Barrack Obama continued to say that if the drug cartels would continue with their business; this would threaten to destroy the relationship between Mexico and United States (Cohen par. 12). The move by Canada as well as Mexico to be members of the Trans-Pacific affiliation was also welcome by the US president. This is because it would enhance trade with these countries.


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