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Free «Breast Cancer» Essay Sample

1. What are some of the types (address four) of treatments available?

Cancer of breast is normally treated with chemotherapy or the patient can undergo surgery. Doctors usually administer treatment basing on the possibility of recurrence. Lumpectomy is mainly used when the cancer is in the early stages.

The main four methods of administering treatment to a breast cancer patient include monoclonal antibodies, administering chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone blocking therapy. Radiation is done after surgery to kill the tumors that might have survived surgery.

2. What are some of the treatment side effects (address four)?

Although there are numerous ways of treating breast cancer, the side effects that are associated with each method are far reaching. The hormone blocking therapy may block production of estrogen and it is therefore suitable for those past menopauses.

Given that chemotherapy is meant to destroy fast growing cancer cells, it can end up destroying even the normal cells. Another side effect is the destruction of heart muscle, which can bring more harm than good. The fourth side effect is brought by monoclonal antibodies. The receptors used in this method can lead to recurrence or lead to the increase of cancer.



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3. Explain something you learned and found interesting at the site.

It is encouraging to see how the society has come of age in matters regarding breast cancer. Gone are the days when breast cancer used to be feared and talked about in whispers. This has led to many coming on board to talk freely about it.

It is equally important to note that surgery has greatly advanced and has resulted to prolonged rate of surviving. It is also interesting to note that women are in the forefront to raise awareness of breast cancer and available treatment of the same.

4. What are some factors that increase a man's risk of developing breast cancer?

Several factors increase chances of getting cancer. A woman stands a risk of getting breast cancer. Women are associated with many breast cells and although men can get breast cancer, women are 100 times more in contracting the same.

As one grows old, there is a risk of getting cancer. Many of those women with breast cancer are over 55 years of age. In addition, around 7% of breast cancer cases are hereditary. This is possible through mutation and is passed by the parent to the children.

5. What changes can you make to lower your risk of developing breast cancer?

Some of the changes that can be initiated is to promote the idea that a lot is being done in the society to curb breast cancer. Changes are also needed in the way the patients get treatment in hospitals.

The way research is being carried out on the same should be advanced. This would save lives in future. The perception of breast cancer in the society should be dealt with accordingly. Putting all the above into practice, development of breast cancer would reduce.


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