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In the last thirty years, the field of medicine has shown tremendous changes and developments that have led to very wonderful medical solutions. So to speak, the field of medicine is associated with great help especially to the disabled people’s health. The health of a population is so important and can be directly linked to the overall developments of any population. If a population is catered for health wise, then, it is inevitable that the productivity of the people will be great. In this sense, it is important to note that there has been a direct connection between the field of medicine and the disabled. This is to mean that most of the individuals who are disabled either physically, mentally and cannot function in the normal way have found solutions to their health which would have otherwise not been achieved if the efforts of medicine were not put in place. In this line, books have been made use of in order to come up with information that covers Medicine and Disability over the last thirty years.



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Research Findings and Discussion

In this connection, there is a lot of benefits that have been brought about by the field of medicine. This is for the reason that the developments made have contributed so much to dealing with the health of the disabled, helping them up and enabling them to achieve values of education beneficial to their lives. In the past, most of those people that happened to be disabled in a population were not catered for as there was no way that their solutions would be realized. This was for the reason that there was no medical care that could support the lives of the disabled. In this regard, the needs of the disabled could not have been met on the basics of medicine. In the long run, there have been improvements as well as developments in the field of medicine that has made a provision for the welfare of the disabled. This ranges from the medical support, technology and programs as well as rehabilitation centers that can deal with the wellbeing of the disabled (Ward et al. 2000). There are cases of disability which persist and become a great problem if medical intervention is not applied.

Medical help can otherwise alleviate the burden that is caused by some disability as the medicine field can enable the disabled to be in a position to attain a health that can improve their lives. There are quiet many and different types of disabilities but research have put it forward that the disabilities have medical origins. In connection to this point, many individuals who happen to be disabled are unable to perform the duties accorded to any individual who is normal. This is to mean that disability is translated as the inability to function in the normal range, either physically or mentally.

In combination to this in the last thirty years there has been a great contribution brought about by the field of medicine and in reality it has led to many of the lives of the disabled being improved. Since most of disabilities have medical origins, it is therefore possible to provide treatment and cure to such like disabilities and thereof improve the lives of the affected. From a medical point of view, disability is seen as a defect or rather a sickness that must and should be cured through a medical intervention (Ward et al.,2000).

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At the advent of the modern medicine and the developed role of a physician in the society, many people with disabilities are aimed at getting the help of the medical profession.  The problems that bring about the disabilities experienced are in most cases originating from the disabled individuals. As such, if the problems happen to find a medical cure, then the disability will be dealt with. From a general point of view, sick people are excused from performing the duties that are accorded to a normal individual by the society.

In accordance to this, such duties take into account the education, occupations, family responsibility and such like duties in the society. Following this point, there has been the disability policy issues which have been pointed out as health related.  From a point of view of a society, disability has been defined as the inability to work and as result; the society is making provision to those that are unable to work (Olkin, 2001). Just as it has been highlighted, there is so much of contribution that has been made possible by the filed of medicine in regard to disabilities over the last thirty years.

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In particular details, the medicine field has had the improvements and developments both on the medical care and technology as well. These have led to many discoveries as well as innovations on solutions to health problems that breed the disabilities which may be either physical or mentally. As a consequence, innovations on the treatments say like stroke which in most cases lead to death or permanent disability reduce the instances of such like disabilities. Other innovations have led to many children and people with Learning and cognitive disabilities being administered to with modern medicine and technology which has greatly improved their lives (Thompson & Pickering, 2001).

Over time, disability was perceived as to be as a result of sin as put forward by the moral model regarding disability. Again, there is a perception that towards disability that has resulted to many such individuals being discriminated from the larger society. As a result, their productivity and their contribution in the society in the larger perspective have been undermined. It is therefore from this perspective that it is so essential to put it forward that the re-conceptualist discourse in relation to disability services and organization proves to be so important. The disability services as well as organizations have proved to be so instrumental in improving the wellbeing of the disabled in the community.

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As such, technology has made this possible since many individuals with these disabilities have been in a position to receive the necessary care that they require. This is for the cases of the disabilities that can be dealt with on the basis of medicine. Having put it forward that disability is a defect or a sickness that can be dealt with medically; the field of medicine has gone to an extra mile to ensure that the health care services are well delivered to the disabled with efficacy and efficiency. There has been in the last thirty years a development in the treatments and cure of diseases that lead to disabilities.

Organizations and the health care has shifted from the perception that it had before concerning the disabled and in relation to this, programs and special education is being offered to the disabled in order to restore them to the society by ensuring that they are given the occupational therapy as well as their position in work whereby they can be productive. Since the medical care has ensured that there are enough services that are directed to the disabled, there have been very significant changes in service delivery, accessibility of the services by the disabled and the utilization of the same. The new re-conceptualist perspectives in regard to disability have enabled the disabled to seek for medical care and ensure their wellbeing.  Even disabilities like Cochlear have been taken care of by means of modern medicine through implants ( Niparko, 2009).Accordingly, the concept has changed the perception of population concerning the disabled and since it has been medically supported, many people have resorted to seeking for medical care for their disabled.

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As a consequence, many people who happen to be disabled have benefited from the medical services directed to the disabled as they seek for cure. Additionally, the disabled have received help as well as support that have made them to engage in productive activities hence improving their lives and making them to integrate in the larger society. The new re-conceptualist perspectives have made provision for education services and programs for the disabled thus making room for them to be accepted by the larger society. For instance, there is the special education that is being offered for the blind, the deaf and the children with learning disability  that make it possible for them to integrate in the society and perform duties that can make them earn a living as well as benefit the society as large (Thompson  &  Pickering, 2001). Taking the example of the physically disabled, there has been wheel chairs that have been designed for them and as a result, the burden to the care takers is reduced and makes it possible for the crippled to be able to move and do work as well as serve themselves to the benefit of the nation as whole.

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There has been several viewpoints of disability that have been in existence ever since time in memorial. As a matter of fact, there has been the perception that disability is a moral condition. This is to suggest that it is either special or evil. At the same time, there has been a point of view that disability is a medical condition, a malady that needs to be cured. Following these two points of view, the lives of the disabled have over time been jeopardized (French, 1994). However, there is a third point of view that has been pointed out in the recent years .It sees the disabled as part of the society, the minority in actual sense, who really requires to work in order to achieve the human rights as well as civil rights.

Conclusion and recommendations

Despite these points of view, it is necessary to bring out the fact that as a society, the disabled should be seen as part of the society. Discrimination and oppression should be fought in order to achieve the integration of the disabled in the society. The disabled should be provided room for being productive and creative by being offered the opportunities as part of the society hence depending on themselves (French, 1994). As such, this would give them a sense of belonging as well as ensuring that they exploit their potential for the benefit of the society as whole. Since the perception of the society towards the disabled has been powerfully influenced by an oppressive attitude, in order to deal with it and integrate the disabled in the society, the old stereotypes that discriminate the disabled ought to be shed off.

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 In the same line of thought, there is a great significance that is brought about by cultural diversity. This is for the reason that there are several dictates of culture that influence the people’s perception of the disabled. So to speak, there are different points of view that are shaped by culture. For example, there are some of the cultures that perceive the disabled as a menace to the society and as a result, the disabled may be oppressed and discriminated in such a case. In line with this, the cultures that view disability as a moral condition can prevent the efforts of the medicine field which views the same as a medical condition that needs cure. Accordingly, the disability services given by the modern medicine can be made of no effect by the influence of culture. Culture therefore, stands out as an important factor in the field of medicine and disability (Olkin, 2001).

 From this point of view,  especially at the advent of the modern medicine much has been contributed to the developmental disability over the last thirty years. This has been made possible by the fact that in the field of medicine there has been a kind of awakening that has been enhanced by modernism and technology. Modern medicine provides for equality to the accessibility and utilization of care services. In more specific details, the field of medicine has offered disability services that have proved to be so instrumental in improving the lives of the disabled.

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 For instance, there is a disorder or rather a disability known as dyslexia which is a learning disorder. It is one of the disorders or disabilities that have been healed by means of the modern medicine. Again, there has been the Autism disorder which has also been healed by means of modern medicine. Following these points, it is evident that there is much that has been done by the modern medicine in making positive changes in the field of the developmental disability (Albrecht, Fitzpatrick & Scrimshaw, 2003). For individuals with learning disabilities, mental disabilities and the other associated disorders have benefited from modern medicine. Rehabilitation centers and services for the disabled have proved to be so helpful. Due to this fact, there are many people disabled, who have been able to become independent, productive and able to work for themselves hence their lives improving. Therefore, medicine has in the  last thirty years made positive developments in the area of the disabled.


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