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Nursing is a biological science. Nursing entails dealing with the care of human life and treatment of the ailments. It always entails continuous engagement with the members of the society to teach them responsible living behaviors and guide them. Nursing is a wide or a multifaceted field. The research topics range from the current emerging issues to the application of technology in the field of nursing. Nursing is related and sometimes seen as a branch of medicine. The recent expansion in the field has seen the movement from the physician role to the actual treatment role. There is a need to develop evidence based practice in the field of nursing. This requires strategic development and extensive research in the wide field of nursing. There is a calling demand for the use explicit evidence and develop rules to govern the expansion of the field. Sometimes the nurses are required to take the role of midwives (Clarke 98).

Some of the common and new topics in nursing will include autisms, headaches, deficiency of vitamin D, smoking cessation, faecal incontinence, joint trauma, chronic diseases, and spinal cord compression. Sometimes the joints develop complex fractures, which require urgent attention form the nurses. It is the responsibility of the nurses to assist people to stop smoking. Smoking is a deadly habit. It causes lung cancer. Most people start smoking due to peer influence. Injuries to the spinal cord are an alerting issue. The nurses need to assess the extent of the injuries. Nurses can also handle acute injuries to the kidneys. Guidance to the handling of anemia regarding kidney diseases is also a crucial topic in nursing.

The care of the elderly is a new issue in the society. The elderly are associated with complications, which demand urgent attention. The mental status of the elderly calls for care in well protected residential homes. Homecare is a new trend and issue in the field of nursing. Whenever there is the compression of the spinal cord, there is a need for urgency, as it will lead to worse scenarios. The stiffness of the varicose veins is a health problem and concern among many people. It is now possible to monitor the health conditions of the elderly with the use of telemedicine. The medical professionals do not need to leave their medical setting so as to deliver health care facilities to elderly patients. Specific recommendations and prescriptions can be provided via e-mail. This will reduce patients’ need for clinical visits. With telecommunication, the elderly patients will have access to medical services. There is need to cope with social isolation among the elderly. The utilization of wireless technologies has significantly facilitated the provision of medical aid to all patients (Clarke, 67).

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Vitamin D is responsible for strong bones and efficient body functioning of the human beings. The deficiency of vitamin D will lead to rickets. The audience ought to know the causes of such ailments and foods responsible for the treatment of the same. The rightful balance diet is responsible for the treatment of the disease.

Some of other nursing topics are bronchitis, breast cancer, pregnancy related hypertension, Hepatitis B, excessive illness and deaths during winter, and sometimes acute bleeding. There is a need to enhance literacy among the community. The trends of the disease is rising due to illiteracy on the responsible eating and living habits. Poor diets and lifestyles is the sole cause of the numerous diseases in the world today. Multiple software applications have been designed for java-enabled mobile phones and wireless devices. Wireless transmission devices can inform medical practitioners about abnormal indicators of an employee's health. Biosensors will identify the health condition of aggrieved patients. Some of the notable problems are cardiac acceleration, elevated blood pressure, hyperthermia, and inadequate respiratory functions. The expansion of knowledge and advancement of technology comes with the benefit of minimizing the spread of some diseases. There is a need to correspond the manner in which healthcare delivery provision to the ever changing paradigm of medicine, be socially available, cost effective. This is the application of the affordable modes of telemedicine. Telemedicine is a technological application of communication in the provision of medical and healthcare services. Telemedicine presents an interactive provision of healthcare facilities with the aid of telecommunication facilities (Telemedicine). Provision of medicine is an integral component of healthcare in the contemporary society. Applications of telemedicine are relevant in the day-to-day provision of medicine. The method reduces gaps in relation to time and other critical factors. This will influence quality, availability; timeliness and cost of healthcare in the society (Burke and Weill). Patient oriented objectives have shifted to specific economic, social, geographical, and demographic conditions. The current day telemedicine include such practices as interactive patient-physician online consultations, interactive video communications, distance learning, tele-mentoring and home healthcare. Telemedicine increases the efficiency of healthcare and expands the opportunity of the medical professionals in terms of being in the center of medical advancement. Medical specialties apply communication and telecommunication in the provision of high standard medicine. Medicine is in the core line of nursing. The application of telemedicine in nursing is also relevant (Clarke 68).

Technological exposure is crucial in the development of the field of nursing. There is a need to develop the relevant application of knowledge to enhance sustainable and livable society for all. The partnership between the faculty of nursing and information centers such as the library will enhance development of the field of nursing. This is because of the efficiency in the process of information sharing and transmission.

The nursing practice requires extensive evidence. There is a need for the healthcare professionals to interrogate evidence for clinical decisions. Improvements in the healthcare provision need to center on specific needs of the patient for clinical efficiency. Clinical governance is a new area in the field of nursing. Clinical governance requires medical practitioners to promote evidence in their nursing findings. The available evidence will assist the nurses in their day-to-day research. Sound research requires adequate skills to make valid and informed decisions. It is unwise to experiment with the human life. The human life is scarce. Prudent care and practice is inevitable as once life is lost it will never be redeemed. The core objective of the new development in nursing is to enhance the incidence of minimizing the disease impact.

Trends in nursing profession are matching with the need to monitor life expectancy. It is necessary to respond to the wanting need of the life expectancy. The development in technology has worsened life expectancy in most cases. This is due to the environmental pollution that is influenced by increased industrial activities.

Another new topic is the essence of pediatric sedation nurse. This will involve extensive care for the young children. Capnography aids in the early detection of hypoventilation, the condition associates with hypoxia among children. There is a need to administer a random trial in order to compare oral conditions of the children (Clarke 101).

Significance of the New Topics in Nursing

The audience ought to know that healthcare is a valuable asset. The common saying is it is better to prevent than to cure. Most of the common ailments are due to poor diet and lifestyles. The abuse of food and medical substances is the root cause of most of the ailments in the society today. It is the responsibility of the nursing professionals to educate the public on the responsible living and eating habits. Food is both a drug and poison. The abuse of food substances will transform them into poisonous substances in the human body.

Some diseases can be minimized as a result of frequent checkups. The clinical visits will assist the nurses in detecting the incidence early enough. People are advised to consult nurses on any symptoms of the disease ailing them. Another significant area is the application of first aid. First aid is crucial in the saving of lives. There is a need to sensitize people of the basic first aid skills. First aid is not common sense. There is a fallacious assumption that first aid is general knowledge to every person. This is purely untrue. The nursing community needs to educate common people. Community nursing will also entail mobile clinics especially in the rural areas. These are meant to provide access to nature and mode of living among people. Some people live without toilets. They are endangered with the outbreak of water bone diseases.

To conclude, there are a lot of new topics in. A major focus was the application of technology in the nursing profession. This is the most recent development both in the nursing and medicine field. Good and sufficient education of the public will suffice to alter the disease incidence in the contemporary community. The need to emphasize first aid and better eating habits is inevitable in the society. 


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