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A toddler is a developmental stage in childhood between the age one and three. At this stage a child experiences a great cognitive development which involves starting to understand the environment. Taking a study case of B. G. who is one of the wealthiest people in America and famous for his entrepreneurial opportunities. He is believed to be genius based on his early and later schooling. His development as a toddler was not a smooth one as many would expect, although he demonstrated may uncommon traits which would later be associated with his achievements. According to his parent, B.G had demonstrated a lot of intellectual abilities as a toddler not common in that age group .The main aim of this paper is to analyze the toddler developmental stage and comparing the analysis with a study case of B.G.

B.G. surprised his parents when he had the ability to learn more than ten words per day, was able to control his bladder, opened or closed doors and even threw balls over hand at the age of 20 months. It is amazing how at this age this child managed to name some people when he saw their pictures, could utter some sentences which were clearly understood. However, at the age of one B.G. made much progress in his ability to move around by crawling and continued quickly to learn running just before reaching twenty months. For this reason, he could have his abdomen poked out or hold out his hands in an effort to find balance when running around. However, his clumsy and backward gait together with the fact that walking or running is a new phenomenon, B.G. would fall sometimes quite often.  Further, he quickly developed new skills which enabled him to pull himself to stand or even bend to pick items if standing, to dance in response to some music or play with toys.



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It was observed that his ability to coordinate his hands and fingers at the age of one was a bit more skillful compared to what happens to toddlers at the same age. He would be seen banding objects or enjoyed turning them in all directions as he made some sounds. This is also the age B.G. was thought to have learnt clapping his hands, using a fork and a spoon while feeding. In addition, the baby had the ability to arrange or build cubes to form some shapes thought out randomly (Your toddler's development month by month – BabyCentre, n.d.).

B.G.’s social and emotional development is expressed itself in all areas of his life. His ability to manage his emotions or rather feelings towards his environment, understand the feelings and needs of others, and also form positive interactions with others was very eminent. This is believed that it have contributed to a strong foundation for the developments that followed thereafter in his life. However, B.G is said to have frowned a lot, if someone refused to take anything he gave out, and so the parents learnt that the child was generous. This is probably the reason why B,G. is one of  the worlds renowned philanthropists.

Speech is one of the cognitive changes that B.G. was able to build when he was one year old. He set the foundation by soaking up as listened to what was said by people around him and slowly build his vocabularies by trying to understand common phrases or instructions used frequently in day to day interactions with family and friends. He was able to graduate quickly from grunting to being able to utter clearly a few single words and what became a surprise to parents was his sharp ability to say about seventy words and understand more than two hundred words in a day (Massachusetts Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers, n.d.).

The family of B.G. promoted his health by always ensuring a clean environment by encouraging hand washing, maintaining good oral health by brushing his mouth and teeth with a soft brush frequently, and engaging the baby in regular physical activities. In addition, parents had to ensure that the baby has been given all the relevant immunizations and also provided healthy food for him to eat. This enabled B.G. not to go through any childhood diseases which impacted on many children and family throughout the world (Childhood Disease Prevention and Health Promotion - Department of Early Learning, n.d.).

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Nurses had a responsibility to ensure that B.G. was not lead poisoned since he grew up in South Newark. They had to educate the mothers and caregivers on ways of protecting children from all types of contamination. Lead poisoning, in particular, would have affected his learning capabilities. Thus, health promotion is the best way of preventing disease which enabled client to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Parents can be assisted by the nurses to learn what behaviors to expect from toddler normally between 18 months to 3 years, so that they can effectively fix their issues. This is because, for instance, B.G. rapidly gained language skills and started being autonomous. Therefore, young parents need to protect their toddlers from health hazards. It is important for parents to plan health education for a toddler as well as patient care.  It is necessary for the nurse to be close to the child and the family, so as to be fully involved in the leaning process (Teaching toddlers, n.d.). 

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If the toddler is hospitalized, he is likely to have a mixture of both intense positive and negative reactions, whereby temper tantrums are likely to become more overwhelming. For B.G. to feel secure, for he was a difficult toddler, there was need to put up structures and develop routine for the same purpose. The parents have to maintain those structures and routine and ensure that there are no factors triggering such tantrums such as hunger (Ricci & Kyle, n.d.). Toddlers normally undergo separation anxiety and lose their self-control when ill. They also get disrupted psychologically from normal routine and feel separated from the parents. Nurses are required to help the parents to prepare their toddlers for hospitalization by talking about making a visit to a hospital soon or beforehand (Ball & Bindler, n.d.).


A toddler forms the second developmental stage in a human being development. A baby at this stage learns to crawl, use support to stand and even runs around using hands for balance. Toddlers also learn speech and can speak up to 70 words a day when at 3 years old. The social and emotional foundation they establish at this stage is important for their future developmental stages. To avoid infection by diseases, the caregivers are required to maintain cleanliness, ensure the toddler is immunized as required. Nurses are important in helping young parents to deal with toddlers issues such as health and education.


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