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Folates and S-Adenosylmethionine is believed to be major components in treatment of major depressive disorder. These compounds will provide a good alternative to patients who have been observed to respond poorly to conventional antidepressants. Folates have a lower risk of side effects to patients when used. This article focuses on the alternative method of treating MDD rather than the conventionally used antidepressants.

Attention has now been drawn on the use of non-pharmaceutical products for treating disorders in order to improve the effectiveness of the process. Basically, the focus is on the use and importance of Folates in managing mood disorders in patients and clinicians. This compound is one of the 13 vital vitamins in the human body and it is soluble in water. Its basic role is to help in absorption and convey of methyl and formyl compounds, which are needed for nourishing cells.

Various clinical tests have been carried out to measure the effect of Folate on patients that did not respond well to treatment of depression. After the employment of Folate rise in patients, a considerable number responded according to the expected outcome. This implies that Folate and L-Mehtylfolate are vital in treating depressive conditions in patients. They are also safe to use and well tolerated.

However, there are a number of concerns on the usage of these compounds in treating major depressive disorders. One of them is that Folate compound in the human body can conceal as the deficiency symptoms of vitamin B12. In addition, consumption of folic acid corrects the anaemic conditions for deficiency of vitamin B12 and at the same time mask the sustained insufficiency of B12. This implies that the patient can stay for long time before being diagnosed and thus at risk of long-lasting nervous system impairment. Nevertheless, more evidence has continued to prove the significance of using Folate and S-Adenosylmethionine for treating MDD.


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