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As Clavelle (2012) notes, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) through future of nursing report provided recommendations that created a sense of urgency in this particular field of practice. These recommendations were established with a view of removing out barriers that prevented the advanced practice of nursing students from full practicing their duties. The fact that the chief nursing officer is part of the education recommendation is an indication that the report has become the catalyst for change in nursing. I therefore believe that this process can only be translated as offering more clinical privileges especially to us as nurse practitioners as never before. It is in this notion, that this paper denotes how I can fit myself into the following IOM future of nursing recommendations.

One of the IOM recommendations is to “increase the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80% by 2020. I agree with Bleich (2011) that in the current assessment of healthcare situation, patients tend to become sicker since healthcare has become more complicated than before. This shows that there is need to have highly educated nurses that can adequately cope with the situation. In order to fit into this particular recommendation, I will seek to increase my passion towards nursing especially by pursuing Bachelor of Science in nursing (Johnson, 2011). By having a passionate need for nursing degree than associate’s degree, I will be able to increase my skill level thereby being a competitive candidate for the current and future nursing jobs.

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Secondly, IOM recommended “doubling of the number of nurses with a doctorate by 2020”. I agree with Donna & Veronica (2011) that indicate that today, there are less than 1% of nurses who have doctoral degree and therefore is a concern that should be addressed adequately. Personally, I recognize that in this field of nursing, nurses are required to be better prepared for teaching and coordination of healthcare services especially to the future nursing generations. This means that being a doctorate nurse than a BSN will increase my diversity in the field especially towards educating further generations of nurses. To further fit in this recommendation, as a nurse, I will proliferate myself from nursing degree programs and variable curricula that will allow me to be a nurse with doctorate degree. In so doing, I will be able to earn a competitive salary and benefit packages that are associated with such high level of nursing education.

Moreover, IOM recommended that nursing environment should be created to “ensure that nurses engage in lifelong learning”. I admit that by creating this particular atmosphere, we will, as nurses, be equipped and gains adverse competencies required in dealing with healthcare service delivery among the diverse populations beyond one particular lifespan (Chapman, Duggan & Combs, 2011). In this aspect, classifying nurses as lifelong learners will establish us as individuals who are being motivated beyond the normal procedural and traditional orientation or in-service seminars to a level of personal and professional gain. Since as current learners, we are determined by end-users such as patients and families who demand certain feedback from their nurses, we will certainly be able to go beyond the normal competency. In this case, I will have to possess an informed consent that will enable me to offer educational discussion and answers to patients.

Lifelong learning is usually a re-tooling strategy used in workforce to motivate people thereby keeping them vital in their workforce. In order to fit in this particular recommendation, I will need more than just taking a nursing course since this does not guarantee an increased level of competency. As a nurse, I will have to engage in a continuing education (CE) programs within institutions that will provide such courses based on evidence-based criteria (Edelson, 2011). This would ensure that as a nurse I satisfy the end of my nursing practices because of attaining improvement in the professional practice both in nursing and patient care.


In conclusion, IOM recommendations are essential in establishing future nursing that is more accountable and professional. Therefore, it is imperative for nursing students and nursing educational institutions to ensure that proper standards that give value to nursing practices is constituted and implemented in promoting professionalism and competency in the field. Additionally, increasing the level of education in the field of nursing advances the level of teaching and patient care that would help in educating the future nurses.


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