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The Charite SB Charite 3 started being used as an alternative to Spinal Fusion for patients with slow anterior migration. Despite its high success rate, the Link SB Charite 3 has some unsatisfactory short and long term results.

Patients suffering these complications experienced consistent back and leg pain .Most of the patients had wrong sizing fitted. Subsidence could be linked to the fitting of small disc prosthesis. In adequate fixation of the disk prosthesis could cause migration and subsidence. Disk degeneration could be due to degenerative disk disorder spreading, or as a result of stress resulting from the non-physiological motion of the prosthetic disk.

Engineering limitations of the Link SB Charite.Motion is facilitated by the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sliding core. (Ultra-high molecular weight polyethelyn). The SB Charite is heavy, thus it may exerts pressure on body tissues .In extreme cases it may constrict blood vessels causing the patient a lot of pain thus forcing its removal. In ten patients out of the seventy five patients researched had a broken wire around the core.( Herkowitz, 220)

The following is a comparison between the lumbar disk and the Link SB Charite 3. In degrees ( ±SD)From table one it is noted that the artificial disk has reduced extensions. The increased torsion and flexion of the artificial disk could result in the development of stress resulting in migration and/ or subsidence of the prosthetic disk.


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