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The signs and symptoms of radiation exhibited by an individual normally depend on the amount of radiation that they have absorbed into their bodies. Normally, this depends on the space between the individual and the source of the radiation. The strength of the radiation is also a factor of the intensity that will be absorbed. The amount of the absorbed radiation is normally measured in a unit known as gray (Gy). Signs and symptoms of dangerous radiation normally show after an amount of radiation of at the minimum 1 Gy. Death can occur as a result of radiations of more than 6 Gy. Normally, this amount cannot be treated.

The first signs and symptoms of radiation are normally vomiting and nausea (Fraser, 2007 pg 709). This is usually followed by a severe diarrhoea and weakness. The patient loses his appetite and is normally seen to be fatigued at all times. In severe cases, skin burns may occur. This is known as radio dermatitis. The skin will be seen to peel off and becomes red. Fainting may also occur, and this is normally because of the dehydration that is being experienced by the patient. The body becomes weak as he is not eating and he may also show signs of being anaemic. The patient will have a very low count of the red blood cells. This is heightened by the loss of blood through bleeding through the nose, his mouth on the gums and even through his rectum. Another symptom is the inflammation of the patient's tissues. These body tissues swell and become extremely red in colour.

Determination of the amount of radiation one has been exposed to because of an accident is not easy to tell. Because of this, the best way to know the extent of the exposure is to determine it using time. This is the period between the moment of exposure and when the symptoms begin to show. Higher amounts of radiations cause severe effects that are seen immediately and other later such as cancer (Fraser, 2007 pg 709).


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