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In the world there are so many mysteries that surround human suffering and one of the m that faces millions of people in the world is that of incurable diseases. It is worth noting that despite the fact that the medical professionals have done a lot of work and continues to do some brilliant job in their laboratories, modern medicine has failed to get a cure for some diseases. The list of those diseases that cannot be cured through the medical profession is quite long but there those diseases that are common and for which will be discussed in this paper and the mystery of families that are suffering from such diseases (Shaw, 2010). In this world that we are living in, we are surrounded by suffering from every corner. This can either be physical and mental illness, wars and brutality, starvation and poverty and these are challenges that are distributed in all parts of this globe. The people involved in all this and especially those involved in contracting a disease that is not curable are usually surrounded by a big mystery and in their minds are a thousands of questions which cannot be answered by any person living (Whitehouse & Daniel, 2008). Such questions that the individuals or their families ask are; "What did I do to deserve all this? Why does it have to be us? Why has God forsaken us in all this? What will happen to the dreams and aspirations that I have always heard?" (Shaw, 2010). these are but a few of the most commonly asked questions coming from those people who find themselves in these predicaments (Zerden, 2004).

A list of the top ten incurable diseases in the world and the mystery behind each of themThe list of those diseases that do not have the cure as per now is very long but there are those diseases that are common to many and for which people continue to suffer from and in some cases they eventually die but with the development of the medical technology and research work, most of the incurable diseases have a management program that can ensure that those people suffering from these diseases live long to achieve their dreams and aspirations (Zerden, 2004). Among the list of the top ten and most common diseases whose cure has not yet been discovered but there is management program that can be used to manage this are; Ebola, Polio, Lupus Erythematosus, Influenza, diabetes, Hiv and Aids, Asthma, Cancer, and common cold. Some of these diseases are so common that even the people who suffer from them and they do not even feel challenged now that they know that they can actually do nothing in their capacity and a good example of this is the common cold. Others are very serious and if not managed in time, they can lead to the loss of life (Zerden, 2004).

One of the diseases that are incurable but very common around people is the common cold. As the name suggests this is a very common disease among many people in the world and most of the people suffering from it do not actually know that it is not curable. As a result, awareness campaigns should be carried out to inform the general public about some of these things. This is an acute infection right from the upper respiratory tract and at times it extends to the lower tissues. The virus is easily spread by people and in most cases the spread of the virus occurs even before the signs have manifested themselves (Shaw, 2010).Cancer is the other incurable diseases and this refers to a combination of so many diseases and this is manifested by the abnormal growth of the body cells. This is one of the diseases that kills a lot of people in the world and very common in the already developed countries. Though the main cure has not been found yet, the medical professionals have made a huge impact in regard to the management of this condition and as a result, they have reduced the number of people who die of cancer significantly. For a long time, the cause, the cure and management of cancer has remained a mystery to many but with the developing technology, this has changed for the better and the number of people dying of cancer has reduced significantly. Correct diagnosis, selective surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and other treatment procedures are some of the things that have changed everything about cancer (Zerden, 2004).Ashma is another incurable and chronic disease that affects the lungs. The air passages in the lungs becomes inflamed, causing breathless episodes, coughing, wheezing and tight chests which can be as serious as causing death to the patient. These airways become very sensitive to such things as dust, air pollutions, smoke, medication and other disturbances. In the young generations, asthma in most cases affects the boys with a few cases in girls but in the advanced age, the cases of asthma among adults are the same for both men and women (Shaw, 2010).One of the incurable diseases that almost everyone in the family knows is HIV and Aids. This is a disease that attacks the immunity system of human beings leaving them exposed to other infections. After infection, it starts with HIV infection and proceeds through a number of stages with the final stage being AIDs. At the final stage, the body is usually very weak with cancers and other fatal infections taking on the patients and most die in a very pathetic state. Before the introduction of the Antiretroviral drugs (ARVS) the disease had killed so many people in different countries allover the world and this made different governments and NGOs to embark on awareness campaigns. The stigmatization that the patients and the family faced in the past is no longer with people being taught that this disease can only be transmitted through blood or other body fluids. The disease is one of the most feared and commonly known among other incurable diseases (Zerden, 2004).

The other disease is diabetes, a disorder of the metabolism of the carbohydrates in which the body is unable to produce insulin thus making it impossible to balance the correct level s of glucose or sugar in the blood system. This is a disease that has also led to the deaths of so many people. It is very common among the reach because it has to do more with the diets that people take (Zerden, 2004).Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease is a degenerative disease that attacks the central nervous system and it is not very common. The disease is very rare and to those that came, it is a disease that affects adults of around the ages of forty to seventy years of age. The disease is a real mystery because there is no cure that is known for it and after infection it can kill within a period of one year. It starts with some vague behavior changes and proceeds to abnormal vision and irregular movements and eventually reaches the fatal stages.Other such diseases that are not that common though mysterious and incurable are Influenza and Lupus Erythematosis and research works are still being conducted to try and develop some kind of treatment for these. Polio is also another acute viral infection that attacks the nervous system and due to the nature of being incurable the disease is usually vaccinated against at very tender age in children (Bircher-Brenner, 1998).Ebola is another viral disease without a cure. It results to a very severe and fatal viral fever that has hemorrhagic fever. Patients experience high fever, rashes, and profuse hemorrhage. The disease is considered one of the most fatal (Zerden, 2004).Once a person diagnoses and the bad news are broken to them that they are suffering from an incurable diseases, the pain becomes too much for both the individuals as well as their family in general. This is because once this is declared, the victims as well as their families realize that nothing can be done to save themselves or their loved ones from such an illness and the only thing that they can rely on is hope and faith (Schilze, 1999). However this has changed tremendously and will continue to change with the current developments and in technology and other discoveries that are making these diseases manageable so as to lead a good life even when one is infected (Bircher-Brenner, 1998).


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