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Blood donation or blood banking is a process that involves collecting, testing, preparing, and storing blood components that are basically intended for transfusion. Information concerning blood drives can be found within the following organizations: American Association of Blood Bank, American Red Cross, and also the National Blood Data Resource Center. The process of organizing blood drive is very essential to the community and it is one of the best ways of serving the community with passion. Your blood drive public can be at a company, church, community organization, school, or even public event.

All local suppliers of blood will be willing to accept proposals from all sources of information but more basically the ARUP blood service which has a number of individuals who have donated blood for several years and therefore have got the experience in regards to blood banking. There are various media that are effective and can be used in reaching the publics (McClatchey, 1994). This can be done through organizing educational workshops or seminars. The message that is to be conveyed to the public will definitely depend on the audience that is to be addressed.

There are a number of questions that can be asked during the research about organizing a blood drives. Some of these questions are: when can one schedule a date of the blood drive, how many donors are required in order to have a blood drive, who are "committed donors, what is the need of a commitment from donors, how to get individuals to sign up, how long does blood donation take, who is capable of donating his/her blood, and finally how urgently is blood needed. Those individuals that can be sampled include in this research are individuals who are above the age of eighteen, have good health, weighing 50 kg or 110 pounds (Douglass, 1998).The number of participants in a blood drive may exceed 500 and the surveys can be done through online donor surveys. Other methods to be employed examination of the individual and the examiner must ensure that it the individuals to be considered as donors must be examined and be qualified in order to donate blood. Since donor qualifications become more and more strict it is clear that helping you plan you blood drive will ensure that it is one that best suit the community (Douglass, 1998).


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