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“I found this in a boutique entrance and it really caught my eye. The mimic word was done in bright red and blue colors that seemed to interestingly chase after one another and never catching up with the subsequent letter or word. The description was outlined as follows in an awesome manner; F. Fa. Fas. Fash. Fashi. Fashio. Fashion. Fashiona. Fashionab. Fashionabl. Fashionable. T. Tr. Tre. Tren. Trend. Trends. W. We. Wel. Welc. Welco. Welcom. Welcome. Fashionable Trends Welcome. Darkness.”

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I did this creation by studying the sequence of alight chaser display unit. Amazingly the description at the boutique was the best example I could use. The process began by displaying the first letter, a pause, then displaying the first and the second letter, pause, then displaying the first, second and the third letter. After a continued beautiful order of display, the first word Fashionable was put on view.

Thereafter there was a very short pause created so as to allow the second sequence of letters to display. The interesting light chasing sequence started again for the word Trends. The first letter T was displayed, pause, then the first and second letter was displayed and so on until the word Trends is completely displayed.

The display embarked on its beautiful excursion for the word Welcome. The first letter W was displayed followed by a small pause then the first and the second letters were displayed and the sequence continued. Astoundingly, the light chaser concept neither skips any pause between the letters nor fails to outline the complete spelling of the words.

The boutique description at the entrance was so interesting yet difficult to follow and make up the whole meaning at once. However, according to the design, the three words were displayed fully and clearly before darkness came in. after darkness, the sequence of displaying letter by letter began once again.


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