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Late last year I had the honor of teaching about lowering blood pressure in the community. The activity was occurring in a church where I was doing community service. I explained to the community members about the dangers of high blood pressure and the measures that can be undertaken to lower it. A point of concern was that the biggest number of people suffering from high blood pressure comprises the old and middle aged people. I also took the initiative of explaining the reasons behind high blood pressure and how it can be controlled. I would say the exercise was helpful since I have improved my communication skills and learnt a lot of what is there in the world.


Exercising is the most common way of lowering blood pressure. In fact, it is the most recommended. Heavy exercise such as athletics helps in reducing the body weight. According to the research, physical activity reduces the chances of high blood pressure since these activities reduce stress and free the mind. Meditation also comes in handy as an exercise. Aerobic trainings such as biking, hiking, and dancing are also effective in lowering blood pressure (Carroll et. al.). However, it is important to mention that extensive exercising is not always good for the elderly people. All the activities have to be regulated according to the health condition of a patient. 



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Diet Diabetic Teaching Handout

When considering the eating habits, it is essential to note that some foods are to be avoided or consumption reduced so as to lower blood pressure. In place of these foods, it is advisable to eat other food alternatives.

Fruits are good for people with high blood pressure. Other foods include basic yogurt, flaxseeds, oats, and hibiscus tea. Eating sugary foods and supplements increases blood pressure due to the metabolic activities related to sugars (Moore, 1993). It is best that one keeps away from too much sugar among other additives. The influence of alcohol on the blood pressure cannot also be sidelined. Controlled consumption is the key to lowering blood pressure.

Effectiveness of hand washing

Hand washing as a hygiene practice also has its contributions on blood pressure. Most of the bacteria collected by human hands during everyday activities have an effect on high blood pressure patients. We are to wash hands every time before eating. The conclusion from a research conducted by Dutch scientists, shows that clean hands provide fairly accurate results during blood pressure tests (Christine, 2011). They also discovered that hands with an exposure to fruits provided results which were 10% more inaccurate. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the hands are clean before taking blood pressure tests.

Importance of children vaccination

Blood pressure has always been associated with elderly people. These days, young children are also becoming victims of the same. In adults, blood pressure can easily be diagnosed unlike in children. In children, it can go unnoticed for a long time, and this may lead to even death. This is because the children might not be able to describe their symptoms. In the recent past, there has been publicization development of a blood pressure vaccine. It has received widespread media coverage, with negative and positive reactions. The future of this is still unknown but prospects direct that it might be advantageous after all. It is said that the vaccine can drop blood pressure during the morning hours when the levels of angiotensin are high.


In conclusion, blood pressure can be effectively controlled even without drugs. Normally, drugs should take the smallest part in lowering blood pressure. From my point of view, good exercising, well balanced diets and hygiene can lower the blood pressure. Children vaccines are also of equal importance in ensuring that the young ones are free from from early illnesses. Discipline is of the essence for complete exercises.


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