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All people need to be cared of not only by their relatives or friends, but also by state. The state provides individuals with necessary medical care since they are born. Delivery nurses play a very important role in this process, in keeping the new born citizens healthy. It is indispensable for them to be experienced and kind to their patients. The role of the delivery nurse is particular and, perhaps, the most important for future parents and a baby, and not because while delivery a nurse may hurt a baby and he or she will suffer from the birth trauma, but because a delivery nurse examines a future mother though all nine months of pregnancy and gives her pieces of advice.

Being a delivery nurse means to be able to calm a person, sure him or her that everything will be alright, and besides take care of the unborn child. Besides a delivery nurse should help parents to make a pregnancy diary, where they will write how a baby grows up and what a mother feels. On the other hand, there is a lot to do in the hospital: write and fill in different kinds of documentation, admission of new patients, administration and monitoring. All these tasks require high communication level of a delivery nurse. There are some standards, according to which a nurse must do the following:

“Communicate safely and effectively. Build therapeutic relationships and take individual differences, capabilities and needs into account. Be able to engage in, maintain, and disengage from therapeutic relationships. Use a range of communication skills and technologies. Use verbal, non-verbal, and written communication. Recognize the need for an interpreter. Address communication in diversity. Promote well-being and personal safety. Identify ways to communicate and promote healthy behavior. Maintain accurate, clear, and complete written or electronic records. Respect and protect confidential information.” (Webb, 4)

There are two kinds of communication, which are present in delivery nursing as well. These are verbal communication (expressing thought by means of using words, either written or spoken) and non-verbal communication (which means using gestures, body language etc.). That is why it is very important for a delivery nurse not only to hear and listen to a patient, but also to look at him (if he is a worrying soon-to-be father) or her. Besides, communication is necessary between delivery nurses from the state or even from all over the country, that is why it is important to take part in different conferences, to be able to share experience with other colleagues, and to get new experience from them. The more the nurse knows, the higher is the probability that he or she saves a baby if it gets hurt during the delivery.

It is obligatory for the nurse to document and record everything he or she does, because later, when changing a working place, it will be easier to cope with stress and show all the necessary skills. And now the question is what should be included into such documentation and records. The main requirements are the following:

- Plan of medical and psychological care of a patient;

- Information how often a patient asked for help and what exactly was done;

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- Arrangement that were made for continuing taking care for a patient;

- Explaining all the steps that will be taking in caring of a patient.

- In every hospital or clinic there are specific kinds of documentation, but the main are:

- Birth plan

- The assessment paper, which contains the main facts of biography of both future parents;

- Vital signs charts for both mother and her future baby;

- If it is necessary to give some medicine to the soon-to-be mother, a delivery nurse should have medicine chart.

All this is very important for the future baby, for his or her health, but also it help the delivery nurse to care of the soon-to-be mother better, so she feels comfortable and protected. All the nurses, especially delivery, should have analytical and organizational writing skills, because, “Nurses write a great deal every day, but mostly in single words, phrases, and symbols. Therefore they must learn or relearn how to construct grammatical sentences and well-developed paragraphs and to organize masses of data" (Boyer, 3). It is very important for a delivery nurse to be able to express his or her thoughts clearly, without any mistakes, so the doctor understands everything without asking the nurse to explain.

Thus, the students of medical colleges or universities should not only improve their knowledge about how to become delivery nurses and what to do while delivery itself, but to be able to communicate with patients and their relatives and to document all the new information correct, so in future it may be easily found. There are special programs and courses developed for this purpose, but, in my opinion, it is better to make some tasks during studying in the university or college. There are special assignments, made up by doctors and experienced delivery nurses, to help students become more communicative and increase their writing skills. The first task is aimed to develop both communicative and writing skills. It should be done by group of students, who will have a “patient” and some health problems (heart problems, problems with liver or kidneys and so on) and who is pregnant. The task is to decide what to do, choose the best hypothesis and implement it, minding that there is not so much time left. This task is aimed to see how students cooperate and solve the problem. The next task is aimed to teach the students to write the history of illnesses of a patient correct, to be able to use medical documents and interview the patient.

There are many interesting tasks, many courses are available for the students to help a patient, to comfort him or her, to ease moral or physical pain, to know how to listen to a patient, but in my opinion, the most important thing is to love the occupation of a delivery nurse, to be ready to help a patient and to calm soon-to-be father. Without a doubt, there are difficult times and cases in every occupation, but a delivery nurse should always be calm, to be able to quiet future parents; on the other hand, she should be responsible and open hearted to be able to write all the documentation correct and help relatives or even parents if anything happens to a baby. Being a delivery nurse is not very responsible, but very honorable, because a delivery nurse helps the new generation be born. When Kimberley K. was asked what she like the most in her job of a delivery nurse, she said:

“The best part of my job is getting to know and connecting with people. I have found in my position that I am often able to bond and connect with my patients and their families. I realize that this is a very special event and I want to do what I can to make this a great experience for them. By taking the time to get to know each of them in depth, I am able to deliver personal care and make this a rewarding and memorable experience for them as well as for myself.”


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