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Johns Hopkins Hospital is the most proficient and medically advanced facility that provides patients with a great care. This research paper reveals the reasons to consider the particular hospital one of the best medical facility in the United States of America. It shows the position of the hospital to its clients. It tells about medical proficiency of its employees and methods of medical treatment of the hospital.

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital is a universal clinic and the Biometric Research Center of the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University located in Baltimore, Maryland. It was based on money bequeathed by a philanthropist, Johns Hopkins. Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are the founding institutions of modern American medicine and a shelter to numerous traditions. The hospital is home to a number of medical specialists including neurosurgery, urology, gynecology, endocrinology, pediatrics, heart surgery, and child psychiatry doctors. Johns Hopkins Hospital is considered to be one of the greatest hospitals in the world. According to the US News and World it takes the first place among the American hospitals for 20 consecutive years.

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There are many reasons to put the Johns Hopkins Hospital to the Best-100 list. It is on the top of the modern medical treatment in the United States of America. The medical personnel with the up-to date high quality equipment make the service of the hospital efficient and professional. The clinic performs surgeries of any kind of human disease. It provides an advanced treatment for the patients. The whole range of modern treatments that are known to medicine is provided by the hospital with the successful outcomes for the patients. The clinic can grant a therapy that could not be provided anywhere else in the surrounded area. The University of Johns Hopkins itself is a leader in education and research. It provides professional medical employees and future doctors with high qualification for the hospital. The large capacity and volume of the medical treatment in different areas allow the hospital performing many complicated and sophisticated surgeries and procedures. The main attitude to curing is to make the prevention through intervention.

For many years people who suffer from heart diseases receive high quality and comprehensive care. The whole process of treatment takes place under the supervision of the expertly proficient surgeons in the world. They are constantly improving their performance by making the laboratory research. These doctors work to develop the new methods of surgical treatment. The hospital has a special attitude to each patient. “Every patient has a private room, complete with its own bathroom and shower. Large windows provide natural lighting and every room has space for family members to spend the night” (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2012). It creates friendly atmosphere in the hospital. Patients feel safety and care from the hospital. It is very important to maintain convenience for the patients, because it accelerates the process of their recovery. It is the main priority for the hospital to have strong service and prompt communication. The reliable communication between patient and the pediatricians creates the confidence that one will get professional help in any time.  The hospital is a leader in healthcare discoveries that are transferred to the clinical care.  

The Johns Hopkins Hospital has long and rich history. It means that it has a vast experience and professional employees. The clinic tries to work towards the prevention of the diseases rather than their treatment. It is very important to prevent the disease in order to escape severe consequences. The Johns Hopkins Hospital is ranked as a number one hospital in the U.S. as it has all necessary conditions that provide decent treatment of the highest quality for its clients. 


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