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Organ Donation Should Be Mandatory


Organ donation should be mandatory

In our developed society, the health conditions of the population are not on the high level. There are many people all over the world who suffer from the lack of organs. They have different diseases or health problems that do not allow them to live without organ transplantation. Their lives are completely dependent on the other persons’ will. They have to wait and cope with their health problems until someone would donate organs voluntary. It is not the fact that the waiting person would receive the valuable organ, as the line of people who need organs is much longer than the line of donors. There is a debate about what is the best solution to this problem. There are several ways to improve the position of suffering people. However, they are not very effective. They could not satisfy the amount of transplant organs that are needed. There is an alternative solution that is not welcome by many people, but is very effective. This is the way to make the process of organ donation mandatory. The organ donation should be mandatory as it could save millions of lives all over the world.



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Organ donation review

Organ and tissue donation is a voluntary process of sacrificing their own bodies or tissues in favor of a particular person, and an indefinite number of persons. The donation of organs and tissues can be lifetime and after death. The most widespread and accessible way of the donation to a wide range of the population is a blood donation. However, it is much simpler procedure.

Organ donation rules

The procedure of the organ donation in its frequency is different among countries. In each country, there is a strict legislation that determines the rules for the organ donation process. It allows the donors refuse or permit organ donation. Recently, the conditions for the organ transplantation have increased due to the establishment in many cities the transplant centers. However, the lack of organs remains the main difficulty for successful breakthrough in this direction.

Organ donation in the U.S. and the world

In our days, there is more often than ever raised the question about the compulsory organ donation. The main reason for this is the huge amount of people who need organs and little amount of donors. The total amount of people who suffer from the lack of organs is in many times bigger than the amount of people who are willing to give them away. In the United States of America, “83,000 people remain on the waiting list for an organ and the gap between the number of available donor organs and the number of people who need organs grows daily” (Paul). The situation is critical not only in the United States, but all over the world. It is obvious that the problem should be solved as soon as possible. The providing of the mandatory rules for organ donation is necessary in our time. However, the mandatory organ donation is raising many ethical issues. It creates a controversy among population. There are advantages and disadvantages of providing this practice in reality.

Advantages of the compulsory organ donation

Compulsory organ donation could save millions of lives

The main advantages of the mandatory organ donation are that it in a short period of time eliminates the problem with lack of organs for people who need them. Among the victims, there are many children who could not spend the rest of their life without needed organs. In the case of the successful transplantation operation, they would live the full life.  “According to the National Kidney Foundation, every donor could save or help as many as 50 people. Also, according to the foundation, of the estimated 12,000 people who die each year and physically qualify to donate, not even half become organ donors” (Warren). It is the obvious reason why organ donations should be compulsory.

Organ transplantation and the “black market”

The next advantages are that it would help in some way, to regulate the “black market” of organs. Unfortunately, the “black market” is a result of the storage of organs for transplantation. The financial instability in the poor countries forces people to sale their organs in order to be well paid. There is an imbalance between people who are poor and those who are rich. The wealthy people could buy the needed organ from the “black market”. However, it means that the poor person would spend life without necessary organ. “The report which examined 2010 numbers revealed that more 11,000 organs were believed to have been bought on the black market, equaling more than one human organ per hour” (Johnson). Moreover, the “black market” could not completely guarantee for purchasers a good quality and conditions of the organ transplants. However, this is not the worst thing in the illegal trade of the transplant organs. The “black market” as a crime phenomenon does not operate honestly. It happens very often that the wealthy individuals who bought the organs could not receive it. The reason is that the whole network of organ selling is based on the crime syndicates. The darkest reality of the illegal human organ trade is organ theft and human kidnapping. People who illegally earn money on the organ transplantation do not consider the life of the other person valuable for them. They are willing to kill people in order to get the organs for transplantation.     

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Health conditions of donors

The next important thing is to keep in mind that saving the organ of the dead patient is a difficult procedure. Any time delays could reduce the chance to make the successful operations. If the organ donation is mandatory, it will save important time for surgery process. It is also important to figure out that people, who are willing to donate their organs, are not healthy enough to do it. The desire to donate organs could be in those people, whose organs are not ready to be transplanted to the other body. So, the rate of people who are ready to become donors is too small, and this list is decreasing with the health conditions of the donors.

Arguments against mandatory organ donation

Mandatory organ donation as a violation of human rights

There are many claims against mandatory organ donation. Many people do not want their organs to be transplanted into stranger’s body after their death. It raises many ethical and religious issues. In the society with the great development of democracy, it could be the violation of human rights. It could ruin the funeral ceremony for relatives who would like to say goodbye for the last time. So, there are some disadvantages and reasons why people do not want to donate their organs compulsory.

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First of all, the forced organ donation is a direct violation of human rights. It takes away the right to make the own decision. For many years, there were a lot of movements for the equal rights between people. Many of them had a success. The result of those movements led the society to the policy of democracy. Some people are sure that any attempt to provide a compulsory organ donation would be the step back in the civil rights movement struggles. They believe that it is wrong to put the organ donation under control of law. Freedom is one of the main things which allow people to feel themselves human beings with personal opinion.     

Religious position on organ donation

The next thing that serves as a barrier for the legislation of the compulsory organ donation is different religious positions. The population of the entire world is divided into different nations with various cultural and religious beliefs. In some religions, it is said that the human body belongs to its owner. According to some religions, the human body will serve to its master after death. Under the feeling of fear, people do not want to hear about the mandatory organ donation. However, the position of the Christian church is different. “The Christian Church encourages organ and tissue donation, stating that we were created for God’s glory and for sharing God’s love” (Cooper).

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Other arguments against mandatory organ donation

One of the arguments is that people think that their bodies will be disfigured after the operation. However, it is not true, “According to the Donate Life Web site, donation will not disfigure the body in any way, and an open casket is still possible at one's funeral” (Warren). There is a general opinion that doctors will not save the patient life if they know he is a good material for organ transplantation. This is nonsense. The surgery team that is working to save people lives is fully separated from any organ donation activity. Some people think that transplant operation is complicated. However, it is also not true.


The process of organ donation should be mandatory as it would save many lives on the global level. People have fear about this procedure, but only due to the lack of true information about the surgery process. It has to be provided in our society as there is no better solution to this issue. Some claim that it could be the violation of human lives. However, this violation could lead to saving many children’s and adults’ lives.


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