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Nowadays people listen to music of the 1960s because of a range of reasons. Firstly, this is because they still persevere in this type music today and engage in comparative evaluations of individual songs, performers and genres performed during the 1960s (Inglis, 2000). For example, Inglis (2000) says that the rock ‘n’ roll rhythm ‘n’ blues and pop music during the 1960s possessed qualities of creativity, authenticity and distinctiveness. Rock and roll music gives people some historical experience because through 1950s and 1960s hence it is considered superior by musicologists.

Hurry, Phillips & Richards (2001) says that rhythm ‘n’ blues has endured and developed to this day because both  had remarkable melodies and harmonies giving the song natural elegance and smooth movement. The rock ‘n’ roll explosion of the mid 1960s was the most significant commercial event in the history of popular music nowadays. Hurry, Phillips & Richards (2001) says that in the 1960s that like all strands of popular music Motown became also commercialized.

In addition, all the 1960s Motown singers had their own distinctive vocal styles which make them popular even today. Hurry, Phillips & Richards (2001) says that the instruments arrangements and production of their songs have had a major contribution to the music industry today. This type of music (Motown) had a great deal of orchestral arrangements with high horns and drum back beat which people still admire to listen to today.

The surf music and psychedelic music of the 1960s possesses its popularity and recognition today. This because they were embodied on a perception of popular music with a lasting creative form which possessed its own aesthetic, they own structures and cultures (Inglis, 2000). Inglis (2000) says that the ability of the music of the 1960s to generate its own ideas and innovations has caused people to endeavor to listen to these types of music even today. 

Kotarba & Vannini (2008) says that another reason why these types of music are still popular today is because adults who grew in the 1960s may always want to relive the fun and excitement of their earlier music experiences. According to Kotarba & Vannini (2008) rock 'n roll, r 'n b, Motown, garage bands, surf music, psychedelic music, and urban folk music also serve as a bridge across the generations because members of all generations use some version of these types of music in everyday life. Kotarba & Vannini (2008) continue to indicate that much of the sharing takes place within the family and social gathering hence giving this type of music popularity even today after decades of their production.    


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