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Jazz music represents a unique cultural era marked by new social, political and economic ideals. Composition of music is a very uneasy and responsible process because it requires serious background and knowledge from a composer who makes the music up. The jazz course is important for me, because it would help me to understand the evolution of music and cultural changes affected further generations of artists. Thesis Jazz era is important for me because it represents a watershed in history of music and creates completely new ideals and ideologies reflected in all musical genres till modern day.

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If the techniques for writing music for piano are viewed, it is understandable, that without possessing a necessary musical education it is difficult to compose, however, a good ear for music may allow composing without necessary knowledge. It is important to note that these features are not exclusive to jazz. Improvisation is not limited entirely to jazz musicians, and we may see it in the work of European organists and many avant-garde ensembles today. Furthermore, it was a major practice in music of the Baroque, the Renaissance, and other great periods of Western classical music. It is the employment of several of these features in combination that is unique to jazz and that characterizes its distinctive sound and spiritual essence. American minstrelsy had disseminated the coon song and cakewalk, and ragtime piano playing had become popular (Gioia, 1998).

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I am really interested in jazz course because it would help me to understand the evolution of genres and emergence of a completely new tunes and melodies in modern music. The latter proliferated from the saloons, whorehouses, and riverboats. They spurred public interest in the purchase of sheet music and made the latest musical sounds familiar. Some of the places where performances were held had only a piano, others used a small ensemble, and only a few employed full-sized orchestras. Ragtime, like other popular music, was adaptable to the circumstances, and improvisation was the cheapest and most practical way of filling out an arrangement with the forces available. The best musical record of that period is the piano-roll archives, and even here we can see that the great classic ragtime composers and players, such as Scott Joplin, added embellishment and did not play their music literally from the published scores, as our conservatory-trained pianists of today would do (Gioia, 1998).

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The history of music cannot be considered in isolation from jazz era and such musicians as Luis Armstrong Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. The technique used for composing for piano is the contrary motion technique, with the treble clef for the right hand, and the bass clef for the left hand. (As well, for understanding the musical theory, mathematical understanding may be of use.). Still, using the best evidence available, we can reconstruct a fairly accurate musical picture of the improvising New Orleans ensemble in the years before the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. Jazz depends on the composer’s skills, whether a piece of music created by one will be of interest and will draw attention and will appear worth listening and playing.

In sum, the memory of a musician may not be the most reliable witness to events that occurred when he was five years old, but the authority of a Louis Armstrong is not something to dismiss lightly. Jazz era would help me to grasp the spirit of the age and understands development of all music genres after jazz.

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