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Haim Harari is a well–known international physicist and scientist, who made a significant contribution to elementary particle physics. He was the Chair of Davidson Institute of Science Education and the President of the Weizmann Institute of Science from 1988 to 2001. In this paper, we would concentrate on the speech given by Haim Harari “A View from the Eye of the Storm” at a meeting of the International Advisory Board of a large multinational corporation. The scientist presents his point of view about the events that happen on the Middle East. He says that his family lives in that area nearly 200 years, and that is why he, as an observer and a “proverbial taxi driver”, he would like to share some information about this region (Harari, 2004). The professor dedicates a bigger part of this speech to the wider picture of the region and its place in the world. He says few words about Arab- Israel conflict. He signifies that Israel is not a central issue of the disruption in the region. The general problem is that whole Moslem region is dysfunctional. The 22 member-countries of the Arab league have population almost 300 million people. Its GDP is small and can be the same as California has. As a result, the difference between poor and rich people is tangible, and human rights are very low.

Harari claims that decorous, straightforward Moslems are “double victims of an outside world, which now develops Islamophobia” and of their own world, which is dysfunctional (Harari, 2004). Furthermore, many of this people are not members of any terrorist group or instigation, but, at the same time, they do not deprecate it.

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In his speech, Harari names four bases of the present World Conflict or of "the undeclared World War III". The suicide murder is the first element. It became very popular in the last couple of years. At first sight, it is insignificant problem, but if to think about it widely, it becomes apparent that it turns in an extensive concern. It gets publicity quickly and appears in the TV news as a main heading and shows almost everything in details. One of the problems is that suicide murder cannot be foreseen. For instance, there are a lot of ways to explode a plane and kill hundreds of people even not being on board. Even if police prevent suicide on the plane, there are busses, trains, cars, which can be exploded. Other important factor is that, behind suicide murders, there stay power, money, and beliefs. The effective way to prevent this is to deal with the main members of the movement.

The second element is lying. Harari says that words can kill people. There are some professions where people should use lies. The one thing is when politics lie to protect people and want to make their life better, and the other, when they persuade people to suicide. Professor Harari recommends to watch Arab TV, especially Al Jazeera, from time to time and compare it with TV programs of Europe. He gives bright examples of how TV is used to help persuade people that their political leaders are good and that those suicide murders that some people do, are made for the sake of the country.

The third element is money. Money is an important aspect in solving problems. Harari claims that money is the reason of that the Middle East is divided between three concentric spheres. Representatives of the first inner sphere are terrorists. They use the money for all their needs, such as weapon, travel and search of new targets. The next circle representatives are planners, supporters, preachers and others, who help to find and provide with everything needed. And the final third circle – so-called “religious, educational and welfare organizations”, which do some good for the new generation, but, at the same time, teach them hate and lie (Harari, 2004). Furthermore, it is spread through mosques and different religious organizations. This circle trains people to listen and behave obeying to the first circle and not to the outside world.

A lot of leaders of these circles live a normal life: their children go to normal schools and even study in Europe, but not in the camps for suicide murders. Their women do not murder themselves at the streets or any other places; in contrast, some of them live abroad and receive large sums of money. The same situation is with leaders, who go abroad for a rest while their people are dying for the country, and no one leader will go for a death with his people.

Harari says that a lot of people believe in democracy, especially, the rule of law, free speech and human rights, but it is difficult to implement that on the Middle East. He argues how the civilized world would deal with the terrorist from the other country.

Furthermore, the scientist offers the ways out of the situations that arise. On the one hand, he supposes that people should fight and win. On the other hand, Harari proposes to educate children and do everything that is possible, and open them to the world. He says that the first circle should be destroyed by force. Another one, the outer circle, cannot be destroyed by force, but it can be damaged by financial breakup of elite, access to Western media, more rights given to women and better education. One of the first steps, which should be done for winning, is to destroy terrorism in the country. Another necessary step is to stop financial support and make economics strong to any financial aid. Besides, it is essential to stop the lies in the media.

To conclude, it should be said that Haim Harari provides a lot of useful information and questions to think. As scientist says, it is important to be prepared to the terrorist attacks all of the time and do everything that is possible to prevent future World War III.


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