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It was five o’clock in the morning; the rooster crows, alarm clocks ring, and lights in the whole neighborhood start to turn on – it’s a brand new day! The couple, Josh and Martha, got up from the bed, whispered a thanksgiving prayer, and started preparing for church. Martha looked inside the cabinet and picked up the dress she commonly wears on Sundays. It was just like the old days. “Aren’t you going to wear something special today?” Josh asked his wife as he looked at the mirror, trying to let her notice that he was wearing new clothes. “Wow!” Martha replied astoundingly, “What’s new today?” Josh only smiled back and said, “You’ll know it when we get back home from church.”

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“This day is really different!” one man said getting off his car. The church was full of people; it was only thirty minutes before the service starts that almost all the seats were occupied. It seemed that everyone was excited to go to church. The service ended at exactly 11:30 am, people started going out. But there was something that seemingly confused Martha; many were looking at her husband with smiles and gladness in their faces. She turned to her husband with a facial expression asking “why?” Josh once again smiled at her and said, “You’ll know it when we get home.”

As the couple got back home, Martha started cooking lunch, and Josh went reading the newspaper. “Lunch is ready”, Martha called her husband; Josh went to the table bringing the newspaper with him. After prayer, Martha asked Josh what he was going to tell her; her face glowed with much excitement as if it had been years past when she last heard a story. “Have you read today’s newspaper?” Josh asked, “I’m going to tell you what really happened to the serial killer in our town”. “What! The criminal was caught already? That’s good news.” Martha replied. Josh started to tell the story.

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It was late at midnight on Friday, about one o’clock that he could hardly sleep. His mind kept on running as he could not forget the consequent death cases in their town; the miserable cries of women and children in their neighborhood remained in his ears, and the threat of more crimes to come didn’t let him go to sleep. He still remembered one incident in the corner of their street; a man lying down on the grass, dead for about thirty minutes only, but the corpse was not full of blood, and there was only a mark that the victim was choked. As an investigator, he knew that this killer is no ordinary one; he or she must have had enough experience before. Another incident that he remembered happened in another village when a teenager found his mother dead in the couch; he only went to his room upstairs to get guitar and finally got back seeing his mother already dead, without even hearing a single scream from her. These incidents kept on playing in his mind, and he couldn’t sleep because of the thought of how to stop this killer from committing more crimes in the town.

Therefore, he got up from bed and called the police headquarters. “What made you stay awake until this hour?” one officer asked Josh. “I couldn’t sleep because of those crimes that happened in our town. I can’t get the murderer out of my mind”, he answered. “Now what have you been thinking about it?” the officer asked. “I believe the killer is a resident in this town”, Josh confidently said. “How sure are you?” replied the officer, “in every incident, there are no concrete evidences that would help us track the murderer.” Josh explained, “It is just as simple as this. For the past six crimes that happened this week, two of them happened only in a day. That is, the killer has the capability to commit murders only for a short interval of days or even hours.” The officer began to think of it. “Anyway, it was just my prediction. I just hope that it would help us catch him and, thus, solve the problem in our town”, Josh added, “I’ll try to get some sleep now; maybe I can have at least 5 hours. See you tomorrow.” The phone was put down; conversation ended.   

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Saturday morning, Josh woke up by 6:30 am, ate some breakfast prepared by his wife, and got himself ready for work. Martha gave him a kiss and a tight hug saying, “May God take good care of you.” Josh got into the car, and drove his way to work.

But just a few miles away from their village, in the bridge, the traffic stopped. A lot of cars and trucks were stuck on the road; many people huddled in one area. It seemed that there was another incident. The police was already there, and Josh’s fellow investigators already started to keenly look into the crime scene. Surprisingly, the killer left something the victim owned. This was completely different from the past crimes where the murderer had taken everything from the victim. Josh took the office ID of the victim named Sarah; and seeing the telephone number indicated at the back, he dialed it on his phone. A man answered it, and he told Josh he was the husband of Sarah. Josh informed him, “Your wife is dead.” The man answered with an awful voice, “What! How did it happen?” Josh replied, “Just come here sir, then I’ll explain it to you.” A few minutes after, a car stopped feet away from the crime scene; a man came running towards them. As he came near, he quickly hugged the lady and wept bitterly; Josh asked him if he was the one he talked to on the phone minutes ago, and the man said he was. But everybody was surprised when Josh commanded the policemen to arrest the man. In turn, the man confidently accused Josh saying, “How come that you are going to arrest me? How could I kill my own wife?” Josh replied, “When you asked me how your wife got killed, I only told you to just come here without telling you any location. How then, did you know the exact place where your wife got killed?” The man simply smiled at him telling him, “You are such a wise investigator. You got me.” There he was, the man got into the police car, and they went straight to the city jail. The problem finally got solved.

Josh’s story amazed Martha, and the only reply she had was: “You are such a true guardian of this town. I’m so proud of you.”

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