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Albert Einstein was a famous theoretical physicist and a philosopher from Germany who has also written several books. He is also highly regarded as the most known scientist who is also influential among the intellectuals of his time. All along his life, he has written several books in the field of physics and other that reflected his ideas about pacifism, Zionism and socialism.  Apart from the work that he did alone, he also collaborated in other works with other scientists of that time in projects such as the Bose-Einstein statistics and many more. He has so far made various discoveries that range from mysteries of the universe, promotion and peace and also promotion of freedom of expressing fear in times when people feared communism (Calaprice, & Lipscombe, 2005).

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The life and accomplishments of Albert Einstein

Throughout his life, Albert Einstein has been involved in various activities that have contributed greatly to science. Being the twentieth century Nobel scientist, he made so many changes to the world through his insightful and diverse inventions that he made in science. He also came up with various scientific principles that changed the world. His accomplishments began when he was five years old when his father gave him a compass and he became so overwhelmed after realizing that the two arrows of a compass pointed in the same direction, which is the northern side. This realization made him think that there are deeper things and this though led him to his career in science. He continued establishing more in science and he formed the basis for most of the information that is being used by scientists today.

On his academic accomplishments, he attained a doctorate degree in 1905 from the University of Zurich after presentation of a thesis on new methods of determining molecular elements. In the same year, he wrote three articles where in the first paper, he looked at phenomenon that had been discovered by Max Plank. According to this phenomenon, electromagnetic energy was seen to be released from radiating materials in separate amounts. Since this was contradicting the law of electromagnetic, Einstein used the Max’s philosophy to properly explain the electromagnetic radiation of light (Calaprice, & Lipscombe, 2005).

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The second paper was a proposal made on what is currently referred to as the special theory of relativity. In this, he used he came up with a new theory based on the reinterpretation of the classical principle of relativity. He continued with this theory later to show the equality between mass and energy. The third paper was about statistical mechanics where he came up with the quantum theory of monatomic gas that greatly helped in comprehending the concepts of statistical mechanics.

The other major accomplishment of Albert Einstein was in 1921 when he won the Nobel Prize in physics. This was awarded to him due to his major discovery on the law of photoelectric effect. This law gave an explanation on why some metallic materials emit electrons when light falls on them.  It is these discoveries that led to creation of the modern electronics such as the radio and the televisions (Mih, 2000).

Einstein’s further contributions to science

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Einstein also made various contributions to science on matters of light, time/space, energy and gravity. On light, Einstein began discoveries when he was 16years and attempted to ride a bike along alight beam.  In 1905, he did his first “thought experiment” where he raised the theory of relativity in which he explained that light is constant. This was in contrast to the wavelike image that scientists though of. He also discovered that the speed of light is 186,000 miles/second and this never changes regardless of the source of the light (Einstein, 2006).

On time and space, he came up with a theory that explains that time is not constant just like light. Time becomes slower as a person moves and the person does not realize the difference. The difference in time can be properly recognized when one is travelling along the space, and not in considering the speed of light. On energy, he contrasted the theory that scientists had believed in of E=MC2, which indicated the difference between mass and energy. Einstein came up with his theory known as the Einstein’s theory that stated that mass and energy are tow definitions of the same thing. Therefore there is no difference between mass and energy. He further explained that mass and energy can also be destroyed and changed into each other.

On gravity, Einstein made contributions to the Newton’s law of gravity. He explained that an apple does not fall down because of gravity alone, but also due to asteroids that are attracted by the earth’s orbit. This is due to a depression that is made on the space by the earth. This theory therefore gave human beings the power to occupy space on the earth and to use the satellites for technological inventions. This has also enabled men to go to the moon and back (Einstein, 2006).


The work and discoveries that were made by Albert Einstein have been of great use in today’s science. This is because they opened up that way into the information hat is being used in today’s scientific concepts. His interest in science that began when he was just five years old also enable him to move to such great heights in science. He also made contributions to formation of an atomic bomb during the Second World War which he later came to regret. His other work is therefore appreciated by all those who have interest in science. 

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