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David Quammen is indeed credible when he writes the book. For instance, the author has focused on a particular topic to a given audience and whom he intends to receive his message. The author boost of a lot of experience and is credited with analysis of several works that have featured in the New York Times, National Geography, Harpers as well as the Outsiders. The various works serves to illustrate the credibility of the author, whose work has greatly been appreciated globally (Buntin). On the hand, David Quammen is Yale graduate as well as a former scholar of Rhodes. He is also known for his literature skills which he studied at Oxford, giving rise to effective elaboration that characterizes his many works.

Authority to speak on the subject

No one can question the fact that David Quammen has a significant role to play in the area of science and environment. For instance, he has great knowledge on science as well as nature which has seen him travel on several parts of the globe in search of the truth with regard to the environment (Quammen, 15). It is also true that David Quammen has spent most of his professional life on putting together narration about the natural world, something that propelled him into coming up with the Song of the Dodo.

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David Quammen and the basis of his research

The research undertaken by David Quammen has stretched far and beyond, incorporating various works by different authors who have excelled in the field of science. For instance, the author borrows on the work of Charles Darwin, several authentic species in Australia, on biological communities and several other countless literatures which he have rightfully cited at the end of his book (Quammen, 120). As he begins his reflection of the book, Quammen appreciates the role played by Alfred Russell and his expeditions around the world.

I agree with the authors sentiments

I totally agree with the authors sentiments that have been reflected in the book. There is a perfect illustration of the species area where the author goes on to justify the number of the species with proportion to the square of the area. My understanding of the natural world is greatly uplifted with the works of Quammen which also includes a world of wonder and entertainment where the reader will not easily be drifted away with boredom as is the case with several features. I believe he has illustrated his efforts through ideas, theories and the experiments that have been carried forth by prominent naturalist in the past two centuries.

Reception of the Book

As noted in the acknowledgment of the book, David Quammen received several praise for his wonderful work and the ideas which he was intending to incorporate. The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation supported the cause of the book seeing the great significance and importance it would offer to the international community. There are several other professionals in the field who supported the efforts put forward in the book. Scientist and several workers also contributed in time and in kind towards making the work a worthwhile mission. This signifies the positive reception that the book elicited. Others on the other hand received the book with much applause; this can be demonstrated by the reviews written about the book. One viewer stated that the book was indeed one of her favorite, terming it an extensive research that portrays the people on the field and the aspects of nature (Quammen, 499). However others like Rhys suggest that the book is more about the ecosystem and geology and little is mentioned about the dodos.

Striking information and other relevant factors

The book changed my perception about the existence of species in different parts of the world. I got to learn about why the islands ecosystems have suffered such drastic rates of extinction and how a group of native mammals can exist in a given place. My belief has changed as to how a species can exist in a given place and what propels it to be so. Earlier, I thought that a given species can stay at one particular place due to birth but I have learnt that there are other factors involved as well (Quammen 408). My behavior towards a given species has changed and I have realized why the islands encounter changes in their ecosystem. It is not that animals are dying but people are using them for their personal gains. 


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