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Merit gets up at six o’clock. She looks very tired. Her eyes are half closed. She comes to a kitchen to warm some water. She strikes the fire with the match, recognizing that there is no water in a kettle. She pours it in it, comes back to the cooker and puts the kettle on the fire. She gets the second match and strikes it again. She starts laughing at her action.

She gives her cat some food and pets its fluffy fur. She washes her face and get dressed. The girl drinks a glass of warm water, takes the jumping rope and goes out. A minute later she turns back and takes her earphones.

This time she locks her door. She is waiting for the elevator. When already outside, she recognizes that she has forgotten to turn on the music, so she instantly stops and does it. She is trying to find the most suitable song for this morning. The Dub step is great for the beginning. She goes slowly, but every other step becomes quicker and quicker.

The same track is still playing, but she is almost near the park. She switches it to something rousing. After she chooses the best one she starts running in a very slow pace. She has not been jogging for four months, so it is better to start from the little.

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She runs near the old summerhouse, meets familiar faces. One. The taxi driver from the neighbor house is waving her and smiles. She smiles back. Then she sees the old man who is always running in the orange sport shoes. The little black dog starts running after her, barking to fear passers by. She does not notice it. The dog gets bored and runs away. Two. She notices the guy who is always jogging at this exact time. Three and four. She sees two old women who are going to the lake. Five is the boy with a dog. She folds her finger for everyone she is glad to see. She is counting the people. She sees a lot of new faces who she does not count.

The first leg is almost done but she feels that she cannot breathe anymore. She starts gasping. Slowing down, she starts coughing. She tries to breathe deeply. Now she is not running anymore. She is fast walking. She reaches the summer stage in the park and stops. Going to make some physical exercises, she starts from her head, shoulders and moves downwards. She switches tracks in her playlist. She kneads her arms, hands, legs, and feet. She is doing the exercises for the waist. Then, she switches the song again. Getting her jumping rope from the pocket, she starts exercising. She is counting. One hundred is done. She does a few steps forward and backward. She continues jumping. Two hundred. Three hundred. She makes the pause again. Four and five hundred. She puts the jumping rope into her pocket again.

In a while, she starts running again. She runs slowly but is proud of her running. She finishes the second leg. She starts the third one when twisting her leg and falling down. The young man, who was running by, stops and helps her to stand up. He silently walks her to the bench and observes her foot. He says nothing. She is also silent. He sets her foot and stands up. She wants to thank him but he brings his finger to the mouth and smiles. Impressed, she smiles back. He waves with a hand and runs away. She feels better but she cannot continue so she turns back and moves towards her house. Besides, it is hard to breathe. She slows down and walks home.

She enters her apartment. Her cat is already near the front door. She pets it and goes to the kitchen. Opening the window and taking the package of cigarettes from the window stool, she gets one and counts how many left. She folds her four fingers. Four cigarettes left. Now she is smoking. At one moment she stops and observes the cigarette as if it was a foe. She throws it out of the window. She scrunches the whole package and throws it into a garbage can.

She sits down on the sofa, standing in her kitchen and enjoys the view from the window. Tenderly purring, her cat jumps to her knees and falls asleep. She continues petting it and listens to music. She is looking through the open window, counting all the yellow cars passing by.


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