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Every person in the world comes across dismal situations. Being older and older, people realize an unwelcome and painful truth: Life brings its twists with totally unexpected problems that just drop upon us like a fall of snow. On the one hand, there are so many people that just cannot cope with it and often go to extremes. On the other hand, very few people pluck up the courage or just pick up the pieces of their soul to continue struggling. As once Seneca said: “The important thing about a problem is not its solution, but the strength we gain in finding the solution”. With hindsight, experiencing one of the most devastating situations in my life turned my introspection upside down and, therefore, made me strong-willed as well as easy-going.

It is a typical thing that everybody has a person whom he or she considers to be a soulmate. Everybody has a lot of friends and is in a strong connection or even ties with them. We share everything with them, give suggestions, and accept recommendations even more eagerly than from our parents. Growing up, we see that they just vanish or become “transparent” when they are needed. Everybody wants to have fun, but when it comes to helping and giving something away – everybody tries to escape such kind of situations. I am not an exception and I also have the same experience. I used to have lots of friends but only Jim was the real one. He was always helpful and tried to cheer me up in every dreadful situation. However, more than 10 years ago he died in a car accident. That day my emotions got their pinnacle. I was broken, deeply hurt and lost for words. Thereat I thought that my life was falling into pieces and would never be the same.

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At first I did not know what to do and meticulously examined my life from a very interesting perspective. Everything was in dull black colors. I thought that people do not sympathize and are so-called “sources” of disasters, which happen to us. However, after a while, a wonderful thought just struck me: “Life is like a zebra” and we should accept it. I understood that to some extent there should be a critical moment that just makes a wheel spin. Unfortunately, my case was the worst I could imagine. In contrast, it changed my attitude to life and showed that we need to have that tough experience just to survive.

Every time I see some horrible news about car crashes, I recall my best friend. My eyes are full of tears and emotions are running high. At some moment I ask myself: “What would it be if I were driving on that road that day?” This question constantly pops up and makes me think and realize my behavior. Only now do I understand how vulnerable I was. Only now do I understand how easily my emotions were manipulated. It goes without saying that the death of friend is not an ordinary thing. However, life is unpredictable and who knows what will happen in the near future. Everybody can gain this negative and mournful experience through such catastrophes. That particular event made me think in a different direction. It just opened my eyes and took away those glasses that were hiding the real life. It made me even act in a different way. Not only do I try to be responsible for my actions and conscientiously plan everything, but also try to be persistent and mentally strong. Even my outlook was expanded and power of will got its real meaning.

Every bad situation is a kind of sign that elucidates how we should perceive things and people. “After rain comes sunshine” – this is an ample evidence that we should not expect only bad things to happen. Every negative experience may be considered both as bad and good. It is in people’s genes to complain about everything and it seems to be transmitted from generations to generations. Only some people get everything out of life no matter how unfair it may be. As a proverb says “What does not kill us makes us stronger”.


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