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The sky was perfectly blue nothing could tell what had happened in the part of the day. We even thought that we could probably go to school considering the clothes, which we were wet because of the rain and were already dry again. On the other hand, I was extremely tired feeling wasted for the work I had done in the day. All appeared meaningless to me, when I turned on my TV I heard the stupid weatherman warning us that we were in for a major snowstorm. I thought I had done a fantastic job after the snowstorm when I walked towards the door over the wet rug, soaking up my foot in the water.

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Taking my wet hat, boots, cold scarf and wet jacket, which was happening by the door, I stepped outside into the cloudy day. I began to lift the heavy piles of rough snow from the side of my sidewalk and carefully laying them down with my shovel on the cement. In Actual sense, it was a worthy job done after a snowstorm. I had to work faster considering that flakes keep on going up in the air in a few minutes after a snowstorm. I did this repeatedly from one place to another depositing it in front of the first as I worked my way towards the mailbox, stepping carefully to lift my foot.

After an hour, I was through, and it was all perfectly done in which, I returned the shovel back to the wall. Going back to my leaving room and switching on the TV, I did not believe what I saw. In addition, as I looked out of the window, the walkway was perfectly clear and so was the grass. It was enough to make me mad. Before all this happenings, I was watching the TV the time before I had engaged myself in the work I was doing. During this time, I was extremely tired feeling hot, cold and wet at the same time. It was woe to me when I realized that what I engaged myself in, was no more to be seen.

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