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Free «A Scene of Car Accident» Essay Sample

January 2010 started with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. The residents living on the Elmatain road witnessed happy moments, couples and friends returning back to work after the Christmas holiday. The number of travelers who used this route had doubled or even tripled. This road was between a river that run parallel to it and a dense forest that contained Baobab trees. It was beautiful to walk or drive along this road. Once in a while, travelers could get a chance of seeing two or three wild animals crossing the road or grazing near the river. Although it was the longest route to Elmata town, most of them preferred to use the road for several reasons. It was harvest time for the public service vehicles. Most of the drivers rushed their cars at the speed of lightning in order to maximize on their catch.

It was an early morning at around ten on the fifth day of January. The sky was all blocked with a black, enormous cloud, and it roamed with thunder. Amidst the misty morning, disbelief, horror and fear filled the air. The black road that had for many years pasted beautiful smiles on people, turned red and disgusting.

Right at the point where the river crossed the road into the forest, five cars that included two range rovers, a school bus and a pick up car moved in one direction while a trailer went in the opposite direction. Unaware of the trailer, one of the range rovers attempted to overtake the bus. Suddenly, breaks screeched; people made one loud scream and then went silent. In a split of a second, the range rover collided head-to-head with the trailer. Immediately, the five vehicles joined to each other and formed a humanlike skeleton of broken bones. Blood spilled all over. The water in the river turned red with blood. One would think that a monstrous animal had ripped off the flesh from the “skeleton”. The bus got sandwiched in between the four vehicles and tilted sideways at an angle of about forty five degrees. Any little touch on it would have made it roll over right into the river. The other range rovers banged onto the rear side of the bus. The pickup car that was behind the range rover hit it, climbed on it and stuck there in an almost vertical position to form a raised tailbone of the accident “skeleton”. The rear body of the trailer hanged on one edge of the bridge while its head glued into the range rover. No one could guess what exactly happened. It was a scene no one would dare to look at twice.

Rescuers from the neighborhood and other road users rushed there and flooded the scene. They were all dumbfounded. They closed their wide open mouths with their hands in utter shock. Inside the trailer, two dead men lay helplessly. Three others leaned from the side of the bus breathless. Inside the bus, children yelled, “help me help me” and attracted the effortless mercies of the onlookers. All the onlookers wondered how they could save them without risking their own lives, or make the bus roll down into the river. From the blood-tainted windscreen of the vertically hanging pickup car, the onlookers saw a person struggling for life. They feared that any little attempt to rescue him would lead to instant death. Women, unable to do anything, wailed while the men tried to rescue the survivors. They made desperate calls to the police and the National Accident Rescue Service, but the police did not respond immediately.

A fleet of cars formed on both sides of the scene. After ten minutes of failed rescue, an ambulance car arrived. Unfortunately, the medics could do nothing due to the complication of the accident. Suddenly, they heard a loud blast. The trailer hanged on the bridge split into two. The rear side fell straight into the river. Its head and the range rover attached to it followed. The bus finally rolled down into the river on the other side of the bridge. It hit the floor of the river and exposed the children tightly strapped on their seats. It was horrible and terribly sad.

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