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I woke up this morning, late- as usual. Half- heartedly, I looked around, my eyes still heavy. The sight of my yet another damaged alarm clock lying precariously on the floor got me gnashing my teeth. I groped desperately for my phone to know what time it was, I did not bother to check the list of missed calls and unread texts, time was all I was thinking of. That’s when it hit me; I had skipped my interview for the job I have been seeking for as long as I can recall. All the effort I had instilled as regards the application seemed to go down the drain, just like that.

The long list of endeavors I had to achieve on this day started forming up my mystified mind, now fully awake. I picked up myself out of bed rubbing my eyes; switching on the radio and proceeding to the washroom to clean up. The traffic update attesting a snarl up on the only highway I could leave my residence almost made me swallow the minty tooth paste filling my mouth.

My phone rang, and for a moment, I did not want to pick it. It was my mom at my sister’s graduation, defying the predefined phone language as I expected;

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Mom; “you have not been picking my calls since morning, where are you?”

Me; “mom, there’s this…”

Mom; “can’t you get another excuse Robert; the traffic excuse is getting mundane… and I can’t hear any cars honking. Wait a minute; you are still in the house, aren’t you? ”

Me; “I am coming mom”

Mom; “what about the interview you were nattering about?”

(I felt like I should hang up right then for lack of responses)

Mom; “quiet, huh. Robert…. Just try and get yourself here, you know your sister wont forgive you if you don’t.”

I finally managed to get prepared and left for my sister’s graduation. I had to keep giving excuses while stuck in the traffic jam on why I did not answer calls or replied texts. I arrived when people were leaving. Despite my lateness, my sister was still excited to see me, maybe because she was still blissful of the powerful grades she attained. She kept chattering. I could hardly comprehend her as I was engulfed in guilt for missing on her day; wondering what her reprisal, which she is adept at, would be. That is when the most important e-mail notification I ever received hit my phone. I was considered for my job application based on the strength of my application. I hit the air hard with a tight fist and quickly recovered from my excitement as my mom approached.

Although all went well, I guess my rising late got me trotting all day.


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