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“I have heard that no man can live like an island, and we all need someone to lend a h and at different times”. I can rephrase it to say it I learned my good lesson after living like an island, for my story is about a good lesson I learned after living in my own world without taking regard for others. It was July last August during the summer holidays when I learned that being ethical and respecting others is one of the best virtues that one has to hold in life. This Saturday night was rather very exciting as I danced myself lazy with my friends to celebrate a day that was rather seemingly different from the rest. I had no slight feeling that the deep sense of happiness in me was the beginning of a long journey that was to change my life forever.

It was on a Sunday, and as usual was going home late morning after a fun spree in the local pubs with other gang members whom we shared most of our cruel altitude. Dizzy and tired I always jumped into a cab and wait for my arrival in my sweet home. This was however not to be. On nearing the estate that I had described to Tony the cab driver, he woke me up and alerted me that a house in the neighborhood was on fire. As usual, I was not used to care for such issues and did not take any interests. “Hey up now something is wrong” he insisted and stopped the car. By then, the brazing of sirens was loud enough to wake me up. I could not believe my eyes when I realized that, in fact the whole flat that I had a room was engulfed in strong flames of fire. I became speechless and stared at what seemed like a Hollywood episode without knowing what to expect. When I gained courage to jump out of the cab, security was tight and they had already sealed the area not to allow anyone in. I just sat down confused and not knowing what to do. Everything I called my own had vanished in unknown circumstance, which I later learnt was as a result of an electric fault that started in my own room, where naked wires and other insecure connections were the main part of life. After everyone had cleared and others had salvaged their belongings, I was left there clutching my head and as usual, since I valued no one, no one seemed interested in me in the neighborhood.

It took one old lady in the neighborhood the guts to come along and held my hands to lift me up. I was too embarrassed since my altitudes were known well to everyone. The Lady urged me to follow her into her apartment, and since I was too weak to reject such an honorary request at the most desperate times, I followed her in deep shame. By this time, I was the interest of the whole neighborhood that seemed to enjoy my predicament. The big hearted lady somehow touched my rock-hard heart and I felt deep shame and stated to weep. The lady told me that though I was too proud of myself, she had a duty to help in desperate times as her values required. To make it short, I received a lot of advice from the old lady on the need to respect and value others to expect help in the time of need. The lady housed me for a few months as I planned to restart my life afresh. The generosity and advice of the lady touched my heart and for the first time I realized that I had been lost in my own world where I lived alone. It took a lot of courage to start talking to other neighbors. Currently, I have moved from the neighborhood, and in my new home I treat each being with the utmost respect possible, believing that they too have an importance in my life. The rapport I have developed with other neighbors has taught me the value of living with others and I must confess that life seems to be much better now compared to those times that I lived in my own world.


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