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I live in a world where everyone has succeeded in one way or the other. Each of them has succeeded in one of their goals. Their successes have influenced my dreams since I want to achieve what those who are around me have achieved. Their successes have also influenced me to go out establishing companies and working hard to make money at an early age. My world is full of people who are hardworking and in that way, they have influenced me to work extra hard. When I was freshman, all I could think about was coming up with an idea or establishing something that could help me leave a legacy. It is during this time that I discovered one of my talents that helped me establish a company at the age of 16. I was able to establish my second company at the age of 17. The idea of the two companies was inspired by the people around me who started the same way. Living around successful people has helped me and that’s why my two companies are doing very well.

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Some of my major accomplishments so far are the two companies that I established while in high school. I established my web design and SEO Company and SEO Company at the age of 16. When I was 17, I teamed up with a friend and established another company which is a web application geared towards helping high school students in their transition from high school to college.  My first company has done comparatively well in its first year of operations and the second one will be launched in January. All this I have achieved because I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. My other goal is to join a good college where I will Endeavour to leave a legacy. The feeling that what I am doing at any time could be the next biggest thing is one of the best feelings ever. My other goal is to come up with a social network in college which I plan to be one of the biggest things I have done. The social network will target a particular group of people and this is something that has not yet been done. My ultimate goal is to establish a technology empire. All my accomplishments will be as a result of what I did in high school.  I have always wanted to achieve my goals since I was a freshman. My target was to make 100k before graduating from high school. I am a go getter who stops at nothing on his way to success. This is evidenced by my successful web design and SEO Company that I established while in high school. Earlier then I achieved great things that most of the companies are struggling to achieve now.

One of the things I have achieved on the part of the company is achieving a high rank on Google. My company ranks in the first spot on a bunch of keywords. One of the major key words, the “California Custom Computer” has so far achieved 200m results.  Out of the 200m results, my company SVCreation appears on the first page. People pay huge monthly fees to maintain advertisements and organic searches on Google, but because of the rank I have attained I get offers amounting to over 2k for advertisements every month. This is surely one of my greatest achievements putting into consideration how most companies will not attain a good rank until in their second year of business. The two companies are my greatest assets, and they are very important to me. The second company shall be the next big things around when it will start operations. This venture will reach out to celebrity investors. We have already sent our business plan to Ashton Kutcher and a proposal for him to invest in the company.

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