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It was on a Friday evening at around five o' clock, this is the time when I had completed the day's work. It was calm and the sky was clear. Since I was prepared for this day, I had bought a new dress that fitted me nicely. I looked presentable and felt comfortable on it.

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I was going to meet George at the White Sand restaurant, where he had welcomed me for a cup of coffee. This is the day that I had been longing for since the time I saw George. We first met in my friend, Betty's birthday party. Betty was a girlfriend to George's friend Peter. This is where we started interacting and exchanged our contacts. From that day, we have been calling each other and at other times going out for dinners together with our friends. When I got to the place, he was already there waiting for me. I was so worried for I thought I had kept him waiting for long. "I am sorry, I've kept you waiting" I said. "I arrived just five minutes ago and I wanted to make sure that you find me here. In fact I was afraid if you were to be the first one to arrive yet I was the one who proposed for this time." He said.

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I sat right opposite him at the table. A waiter came and George ordered for the coffee. As we waited, each of us gave an account to the other on how we had spent our day. We started talking over various issues including flashbacks on how exciting Betty's party was. This day to both of us, was the time when we got the opportunity to be all by ourselves. We were now free to express what we felt for each other.I told him how smart he had dressed on that day and how I admired the way he behaved and more so his character. He appreciated me for the comments. He also started commenting on how my dress was perfect for me. We shared ideas, joked together and laughed together.

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Time did not allow us to spend more of our time in the restaurant. It was now getting late and my residential place was a bit far. I told him that I should leave. We had to summarize our talk and long for some other day when we will have time to be together He offered to drive me back home but since I did not want to bother him and hence I resisted his offer. He turned a deaf ear to my resistance and insisted that he should drive. At last, I accepted. George dropped me at my gate and I thanked him for inviting me.

It was a very good moment to remember and I promised myself never to fail anytime he wants us meet.

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