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The story explains how the people had suffered for quite a long under supreme of Fortunato. The narrator vowed revenge after being insulted by Fortunato because he had borne a lot of injuries caused by him. It was during one of the carnival season that the narrator of the story met Fortunato who he had admired to meet for quite a long time (Poe 2010).

The narrator was good to Fortunato who did not doubt his good will by smiling in his face as he used to but this time it was a smile of his immolation. Every person has his weakness as it was to Fortunato but on the other hand he was respected and feared. He liked connoisseurship in wine and liked his countrymen for it was few Italians who have the true virtuoso spirit because many like being taking posture of Britain and Australian billionaires (Poe 2010).

The narrator had similar characters with Fortunato because he had Italian vintages. It was one of carnival season that the narrator encountered with Fortunato who was drunkard and so accosted him excessive warmth. The narrator explains how doubtful he is about Amontillado and Fortunato persuade the narrator to join him because he was in his way to Luchlesi. The narrator tells Fortunato that there was no one at home and so he should join him and so he followed him to his house and led him to archway that led into the vaults.The narrator started to erect the wall with stone to wall up the entrance to the niche and that was the end of Fortunato.


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