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Free «Cell phones» Essay Sample

It has always been said that technology has changed. Technology has been growing at a high speed to accommodate ever demanding life of people desires and quest for simple lifestyles. Cell phone is one of the technologies that hit the world in 21st century. In the US, most of the people who formally used pagers are now using cell phones. This device has really affected the lives of many as no one wills the device to go out of hands no matter where one is; may it be in the church, school, in a meeting or at work. Cell phones have become a phenomenon and have also caused addition to more than 75% of the global users. Every find it necessary to have a cell phone which has brought both positive and negative effects.

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Cell phones have a positive side, that is, it has made life simpler. The features of the cell phones have improved over years and have contributed to once famous hips pager to be an obsolete devise. Wherever one is, with a cell phone, one is able to take photos, visit internet and send emails or chat, listen to radio and also play games. With concentration of all these features in one devise made life simple and saves time in performing these activities.

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Though a cell phone is a vital devise that no one can resist owning it, it has some negative effects too. With most youths having a desire to owning it, it's an addictive device as once a person owns it for the first time; it will be hard to do without it even for a day. Most people have fallen in to the trap of lack of self control in owning this devise. Cell phones consume lots of peoples' saving through purchasing loading cards to make obsessive calls and texts.

Cell phones have contributed to many accidents. Most drivers use their phones while driving and have been unable to concentrate with the road therefore causing fatal accidents. In classes, cell phones are some of the major disruptors. Most students use their phones under desk as the teacher is teaching.

In other words, cell phones are important devise in our lives if properly used. On the other hand, it can be of great danger if poorly used and can lead to much damage from family breakups, classes' disruptions and accidents on the roads.

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