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Laure was a daughter of Leland and Sarah, a high school homecoming queen, who volunteered at Meals on Wheels and liked by everyone in the town. Despite being a favorite to everyone, Laure led a double lifestyle, a life that was characterized by terrible events. She was discovered to have been using cocaine and also a victim of child abuse. The events unravel on the life of Laure after she is discovered to be working at the One Eyed Jacks, which was a brothel in the north of the Canadian border. Therefore, her death is surrounded by a lot of issues of exactly knowing who killed Laure, and on what basis.

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Before Laure is found dead, there are events that take place that brings out some of the ideas that must have resulted to her dying. Bobby Briggs, the team captain for the high school football team, is her official boyfriend, but still she is found to be seeing James Hurley secretly. To make it worse, Laure is said to be engaged and had sexual encounters with other people, such as Ben Horne and Leo Johnson, who are a businessman and drug dealer respectively. This shows how irresponsible Laure was and how she could not compose in her social life.

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Discovering the body of Laure brought another episode in trying to find out who was behind the murder of Laure. Special agent Dale Cooper becomes in charge of the investigation team, and he takes a clear stride into the events that happened before she died, which later helped him uncover some of the issues that could reveal the real murder. In spite of such secret related to Laure, she still remained to be a prominent person afterwards. It is also discovered that there was a conspiracy involving Packard Mill, although not related to Laure. Special agent Dale Cooper is able to see Laure in a dream, while she was trying to give mysterious traces that may help him to determine the real identity of her killer.

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Before Laure died, she had written a personal and secret diary that was later recovered when investigating her death. The diary contained secretive information that had suggested some of the advances and abuse she was getting while still a young girl. It uncovers the abusive life she went through, sometime willingly giving in herself, from a wicked person called Bob, who by then wanted to always be close to her by doing all abusive acts. It is clearly indicated that Bob is an evil person who in one way or another inhabits a host body. Therefore, Bob is an evil spirit that makes use of other people's body and mind to do evil things by abusing other people, in this case, Laure. 

Laure father is inhibited by Bob's spirit, and this leads him to commit an evil act of molesting his own daughter. His molestation is revealed with consistent raping and eventually murdering Laure who was his daughter. He is put in police custody, and later dies while in prison, but the funny thing is that Laure appears to him in a vision. She was trying to forgive him on all evil things that he had done to her, and extends to welcome him in life after death. The discovery of Laure's murder gives a highlight on the evil nature that a human being can turn out to be when not in control, of his or her being.

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