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Free «Mission Inn, Riverside California» Essay Sample

The Mission Inn located in Riverside California evolved with its neighboring population depicting the life around it in an exceptional way. It is more than an ordinary hotel with a museum and an arts center and definitely a historical landmark drawing a lot of attraction.  The Riverside landmark owes its existence from Augustus Miller through his character, a cultural and business interest that later was known as the master of the Inn. Miller's creativity is said to have been influenced by his family background and after coming to Riverside he became a serious minded and an independent youth. The family owned a two storey building that kept the look of California style and due to financial problems; they relied on paying guests. The Mission Inn owes its origin from this as they found themselves adding hotel wings to accommodate more guests.

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A historical account of the hotel shows that Miller's father was principally concerned with civil engineering and was actually a surveyor who helped with the design. The young man however was very determined and with time he had came up with a home hotel with several wings. He expanded the gardens making the surrounding very attractive. Initially, he utilized an aged Concord coach to meet and collect his guests at the rail station. At the time when the hotel was little and insignificant, the young man succeeded in enticing new guests into his hotel. He entertained his guests by narrating Riverside's early history. The young Miller was intensely devout, vigorous and determined. He developed a culture of singing, principally of customary sacred, nationalistic and folk songs. In the early times the hotel hosted various significant people including Wilson Crewdson, a British expert who visited in 1880. From the visits of distinguished guests Miller developed some interest in art and several other fields. This shaped the future of the hotel as he was able to relate properly with his guests as what interested him later made interest to his guests.

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Later in 1902, following numerous years of attempt, he organized for the entire transformation of his hotel. At the present California had begun to be familiar with what it had long been disregarding. This was its early heritage related to Spanish and Mexican tradition and way of life. Miller became aware of this in time and initiated the inclusion of these heritages in the architectural design of new structure of the hotel. One appealing feature of the innovative appearance was the redesigning of the unique Anglo appearance of the Miller's adobe. Its vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends was removed and replaced with a flat roof and tile valance. An attractive reception room for the guests was incorporated and a swimming pool was constructed.

After the changes Miller kept on changing the look of the hotel with his idea for the structure drawn from random historical styles. He kept altering one section after another, adding one section after another. This resulted into an extremely obscure and intricately built structure. It has contracted passageways, outdoor colonnades, a chivalric-style clock, a five-storey circular orientation, numerous terraces and windows. The hotel is also characterized by castle towers, slender tower with balconies, a religious residence wing, flying buttresses and Mediterranean hemispherical roofs. Another section convolution in the hotel is an astonishing transformation of scale tailored by Miller in particular portions of the building for his very small sister.

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A further basis for the complication is the conflict of styles evidently such as Chinese, Mediterranean, Moroccan, Turkish, Spanish, Italian Renaissance,  Oriental, Babylonian and Gothic-Hawaiian all witnessed in the building. The hotel took over thirty years of development and construction in which Miller roamed throughout the world, assembling treasures to return to the hotel for exhibit. The diverse quality artifacts in the hotel museum have a predictable value of over five million dollars. Miller and his family went to Spanish and other shrines and places of worship in Europe and Asia assembling items of interest. Such assortments included bells and crosses, music recitals, art exhibits and other artistic expressions that became extraordinary favorites of many people. A chief addition in 1910 was the Cloister Wing as well as the music area and then later the Spanish art gallery and dining space were constructed. Though the structure accompaniments and alterations were nearly incessant, in 1930 International Rotunda and other associated characteristics, as well as the St. Francis Chapel, was the final most important adding.

Miller's interests extended beyond the Hispanic culture, he was also interested in Oriental culture. This was brought by his meeting with the underprivileged settler's representatives of those cultures in California. He then followed them up by studying them on their home grounds and bringing home outstanding representative works. The compilation of Oriental cultural items in the inn is invaluable. These include the shrine dragons, a Buddha and an outstanding carving. After Miller's death in 1935, the management was taken over by his daughter and his son in law until their death. In the start of 1955, the hotel underwent a sequence of ownerships. At one time it became a dormitory for students and then its older quarters were transformed to apartments. The hotel management was taken over by the Carley Capital Group in 1985, which reestablished and restructured the hotel characteristic and sorted out recently revealed structural problems. Later in1992, the hotel was sold to Roberts Duanne, a businessman based in Riverside who reestablished it.

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Mission Inn has made the people of Riverside and the people of US in general realize that the values of the past traditions can be a treasured part of the present. Alongside proficient historical preservation, they identify the hotel as indisputably commendable. For over a century, Mission Inn has been the memorable center of Riverside. The hotel has been known by its provision of a unique venue for a number of recurrent and festival functions. It is also famous for hosting intermittent political proceedings and other chief social gatherings including major political figures. One of the past US presidents had his wedding ceremony at one of the two wedding chapels while another had his honeymoon there. In addition, ten United States presidents have visited the Mission Inn in the past. The hotel has also hosted other social leaders, a long list of major stake holders in the entertainment industry, comedians and musicians.

The hotel has now succeeded and reached the maturity in the hospitality industry. It is well known for the festival of lights is renowned for its almost three million Christmas lights including over four hundred vibrant figures. The festival lasts all over the celebration period with the day after thanksgiving being the lighting ritual. This day attracts approximately twenty five thousand guests to examine the distinctive hotel and its festival period decorations. The hotel's architecture is also popular having been designed by different architects to produce a unique piece of art. Currently Mission Inn occupies a complete city block and is inclusive with four prestigious restaurants, a day bath and two hundred and thirty nine visitor's rooms. Nine of these rooms are selected as presidential suites. The hotel is no doubt a national and historical attraction in California and a historical landmark in all of America.

The Mission Inn museum brings about the cultural heritage of the Mission Inn hotel. The museum records one of the highest numbers of guests in the US. The guests are guided throughout the tours by competent and knowledgeable staff that highlights the hotel's structural design, furniture, artistic items, textiles, stained glass and other enriching possessions. The success of the hotel can be attributed to the track record it has laid over decades. However, having alliances with other strong and popular businesses is a major plus point for mission inn as it helps bring in new customers and make business more effective. Being a market leader in tourism, as Mission Inn is, is the key to its success as it boosts reputation, profit and market share.

Mission Inn's marketing strategy has proved to be effective, helping to raise profiles and profits and standing out as a major strength of the hotel. Experienced employees are the key to the success of Mission Inn helping to drive them forward with expertise and knowledge. Mission Inn has an extensive customer base, boosting the demand of their services. This can be attributed to Mission Inn's reputation which is strong and popular, meaning people view it with respect and believe in it. Being financially stable helps the hotel deal with any problems, ride any dip in profits and out perform their rivals in catering and tourism industry. The hotel has a high percentage of the market share, meaning it is ahead of many competitors. The hotel offers high quality services helping to ensure customers return back for their services. The online availability of mission inn is strong, meaning its information is accessible to the prospective guests. The inn has a lucrative location adding to its appeal to many prospective customers.

Mission Inn could benefit from Governmental support, in the form of grants, allowances, training thus improving its performance. Changes in technology could give mission inn an opportunity to bolster future success. The changes in the way their guests spend and what services they need provides a big opportunity for Mission Inn to explore. Mission Inn is in good financial position, which is an advantage for them to explore in terms of investment in new projects and satisfaction of their guests. Expanding the service lines by Mission Inn has helped them raise sales and increase their product portfolio. The Inn has a number of highly skilled staff, which is an opportunity that has enabled them to explore new opportunities in the industry.

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