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When Julie was ten years old, a miraculous event happened in her life. Back then, her family was living in a village near the forest. Their house was not big, but very cozy. Julie had a sister who was two years younger than her. The girls had separate rooms.

One evening Julie stayed awake for a long time. The girl was playing her favorite computer game that made her become more excited and, consequently, less sleepy. Julie’s mother entered her room and told the girl that it was time for her to go to bed. Julie insisted that she would play for twenty minutes more, but her mother did not allow her to do it. The girl was disappointed but agreed to switch the computer off.

Naturally, Julie could not fall asleep, and even darkness was not helpful. She was tossing and turning sleeplessly in her bed for more than an hour. Then the girl gave up and decided to go downstairs to drink some water. Julie stood up and went to the kitchen. The girl noticed some light in the living room – the television set was on. She heard her parents whispering there. Julie became extremely curious about the topic of their conversation and the reason for such secrecy, so she decided to overhear them. They were talking about the present for Julie’s sister whose birthday was in several weeks. Her mother told her father that she would go to town the following weekend and buy a bright pink dress. When Julie heard it, she wanted to cry because she also wanted such a dress, but parents had not bought it for her. Julie rushed upstairs for her parents not to hear her sobbing. Being frustrated and all in tears, the girl soon fell asleep.

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In the morning, Julie was in a bad mood. She did not forget her parents’ conversation and decided to make them love her more than they did. Thus, the girl dressed and ran into the forest without telling anyone. She was a smart girl, so she did not go far. Julie just sat under the tree and began waiting till someone would try to find her. It was rather calm and quiet there but, suddenly, Julie heard something strange – someone was talking. The girl looked around, but there was no one there. Julie got a little scared and said out loud: “Is anyone here?” The talking stopped, but there was no reply. Then it started again, and the girl could hear that someone said “Kill Violet, yes, kill Queen Violet! Tell everyone! Queen Rose commanded us to find Queen Violet and kill her!” The girl was shocked – clearly, she was able to hear plants.

It was unexpected, and Julie was surprised that plants could be cruel. The girl wanted to learn more, so she began searching for the source of those words. It was not easy because it seemed that the whole forest became alive. She went up to a beautiful flower and asked why they wanted to kill Queen Violet and who she was. The flower replied that Violet and Rose were the queens of their species. Rose decided to kill Violet because she was jealous since Violet’s petals were too beautiful.

Julie thought that it was unfair. Both flowers were equally beautiful, and the death of the queen might affect other flowers negatively. Julie asked her new acquaintance to take her to Rose. When they met, Julie said: “Rose, I used to think that plants were better than humans. If you kill Violet, I will tell everyone that plants can be mean.” Rose followed the girl’s advice. After all, she did not want to be worse than humans. She stopped trying to kill Violet.

That event made Julie stop being jealous. She loved her sister, and she realized that their parents loved them equally – she would get her dress some day, too. When it was her sister’s birthday, Julie asked her mother if she could be the one who would give her sister the present.


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