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In faraway lands, there lived a young boy by the name Sze Ki. He was the last born in a family of two girls and two boys. His father, Bo, was the King and his mother, Qu, the queen of the Zen kingdom. He used to be a very lazy boy, and as it was accepted in many traditional settings, his elder brother, Zu, was expected to take over the kingdom when the king died. Unlike Sze, Zu was muscular and bullied his fellow countrymen. As the king got sick and blind, people feared of what kind of leader Zu could be. However, his mother was fond of Sze because he oozed wisdom and was a favorite to many of the king’s subjects.

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Before the king could take a final bow, he called his eldest son and told him that he has to prepare to lead the people. For him to be accepted as a king and get his blessings, he could go to the forest and slaughter the best, healthiest and fattest wild animal and prepare him soup. Zu set out for the hunting game. Unfortunately for him, his mother overheard that the king wanted to crown Zu the new king. He hurriedly called Sze and told him to get hold of the fattest lamb in the farm and slaughter it. She aided him to make the king his favorite soup. He told Sze that he was to dress in oversized cloths and develop his brother’s heavy voice and pretend to the king that he was Zu. When it was ready, he brought him the soup and got blessings as the incoming king. After this, the king passed away quietly and Sze resumed his duties as the new king.

When Zu returned, he found out that his younger brother had tricked him. He was furious with Sze, but according to the tradition, only those blessed by the king were supposed to rule the people. He also realized that people did not like him because he looked down upon them, unlike the new king, his brother Sze. He vowed to always respect people no matter whom they are or what they do. Meanwhile, his brother continued to respect people in spite of his status. He married the most beautiful girl in the village and lived happily thereafter. 

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