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Friday 16th May 1806, we lost a horse that had been brought by an Indian; it left the camp last night. The natives were crossing over the river, gave them head and neck of dear which they ate and carried the remainder for their children. Saturday 17th May 1806 our hunters returned having killed bears of which one was left in the woods because it was very big. It was unusual that on India visited that day. However, on Sunday 18th May 1806, the wife to Shabono hurt herself while collecting roots for eating in rocky mountain. Later in the day, we treated an old man and woman with sore eyes. Monday 19th May 1806 we sent some men to the village to purchase roots for eating with bear meat. Later on, four men and eight women came with various illnesses which we treated.

On Monday 9th June1806, we had planned to exchange our sore back horses with good ones from the Indians, but we succeed with one only. The river was falling fast a good sign since the snow would melt fast for us to cross to the mountains. Tuesday 10th June1806 we are to go up the hill where we would stay for a short time until the snow melts and grass grows for our horses. We considered Wednesday 11th, 1806 to be one of the good days for our hunters as compared to the Indians; this is because the former were successful in their hunting mission. Thursday 12th June 1806 nothing of interest occurred apart from our hunters acquiring two dears. Friday 13th June 1806 each of the hunter came with a dear, an Indian exchanged his horse for a small ax and knife. Saturday 14th June 1806 we are packing our possessions preparing to leave for the mountains tomorrow. Although we expected to leave early on Sunday 15th June 1806, the rains delayed us and made our journey very difficult, our horses slipped often up the hills. Monday 16th June 1806 we are going east of the creek. The length of snow makes it difficult for us to trace the road. Found a place with little grass, encamped there for the night. Tuesday 17th June 1806 having walked 7 miles it became difficult to continue since the snow was 12-15 feet thereby forcing us to resort to going back until we found a guide. Wednesday 18th June 1806 sent some of our men with gifts to quicken the arrival of the Indian guide.

Wednesday 11th August 1806 we met two men from Illinois who were robbed by the guides who we expected to take us to the U.S. Thursday 12th August 1806 our dear captain Lewis was slightly wounded. Friday 13th August 1806 left Little Missouri River at 8 am and arrived at Myry River at sunset. Thursday 14th August 1806 we arrived at the menetarias village and still invited their principle chief to accompany us to the state though we found the neighboring villages at war. Friday 15th August 1806 we had a council meeting with the chiefs of the village. Saturday 17th August 1806 went through the villages picking the villagers we promised to go with and bid the rest farewell. Monday 18th August 1806 we continued with our journey but the wind was too much, the chiefs told us of their tradition and culture. Tuesday 19th August 1806 the wind blew violently today until 4 p. m, we camped around and sent out our hunter. Captain Lewis wounds are healing fast. Wednesday 20th August 1806 rained heavily at dawn today but nothing much took place during the day.


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