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I would consider my temperament when I was child to be of a difficult child, this is based by the character that I possessed. After discussing with my parents and my older sibling on how I was when young, I came to this conclusion. I asked them over dinner to define me on how I was when I was a child and all my dad would was to shake his head, my elder sister requested for payment for all the problems she went through because of me.

My mum defined me as a child who was always on the move and they would know I was sick if I sat in the same spot for more than 10 minutes. In church she always had problems controlling me and I was known by everyone in church including our priest for I was always everywhere in the church. I was also well known in our estate because I was always cycling. My feeding was haphazard and I remember this because I always had problems with my dad who was very strict on feeding and hated wastage of food. But the main problem was that I never got settled when eating as I had everything to do and not concentrate on eating.

I was also considered by my siblings as an attention seeker by engaging myself in activities that put me in trouble such as fighting with other children. But I remember that I was shy and I had very few friends of my age and the few friend I had we were always fighting. My dad also had a problem taking me to bed for a rarely slept for I was always playing. I also had a problem with the garage door which when not oil made a lot of noise which highly irritated me and made me to cause a lot of problem until they had the door changed.


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