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Miles Davis Dewey was an American jazz artist. He was born in 26th May 1926 to a black man and woman Mr. and Mrs. Dr Miles Henry Davis from Alton, Illinois. Davis is regarded as the most influential jazz musician of the 20th century. Davis began learning music at the age of 13 years. His mother Cleota Davis wanted him to study piano, and, therefore, he booked him music classes. After graduating from high school, he relocated to New York in 1944. Although his family knew that he was going to join the Institute of Musical Art, Davis had his interior motive of searching for his musical idol Charlie Parker. Parker assisted Davis in beginning his music career since they performed together in live concerts from 1945 to 1948. In New York, Davis also joined other groups and performed with them. It is in 1948 when Davis came out as an authority in jazz. His multiple music talents of composing, lyrical soloist and a group leader were clear as he led his bop groups.

Davis in collaboration with other big names in the jazz music industry like John Lewis and Johnny Carisi did a series of recording all in the name of Davis. These recordings were later to be compiled and dabbed Birth of Cool. The world was now aware of the birth of a jazz star in Davis. However, in 1949 to 1953 the music career of Davis was in a danger of collapsing. This was because of heroin addiction, which tainted his, public career. In 1957, Davis revived his career when he informally made an appearance at the Newport Jazz Festival and made an electrifying performance. This rekindled his publicity and later that year he did a unique solo recording. In this recording, Davis used a rare approach; he used trumpet and flugelhorn and not the usual orchestrations associated with traditional jazz. During the same year, he recorded for Louis Malle’s film Ascenseur pour I’echafaud in Paris France.

Davis had trained as a boxer a quality he brought into the playing of the trumpet. He was involved in an automobile accident and late 19070’s he had to retire from active music because of ailments resulting from pneumonia and the effects of the accident. In 1980, he made a come back and recorded work that was to take him around the United States in a tour. In 1982, another set back came to his music career, he had a stroke that kept him out of active music again until 1985 when he joined Branford Marsalis he live performances. During 1980s, Davis was the darling of many jazz loving fans and was described as a living legend a title he refused owing to his declining active role in music. In 28th September 1991, Davis succumbed to the health problems he had in early 1980s. Davis is still remembered today for his enormous contribution to the jazz music. He is indeed a legend with some of his works still honored today. In 7th Oct 2008, Davis album kind of blue of 1959 won its fourth platinum certification.

It never entered my mind is a bebop jazz music that was composed and recorded by Davis miles in 1956. Davis expresses his emotional feeling of being left alone by a lover. He puts it in a poetic manner and twists his massage in a way that leaves many questions in people’s minds. He describes the loneliness and the helplessness that one feels. He stipulates that the importance of love is known after the one you love departs. Davis produced this music after he had been through a rough time with heroin addiction. He most probably had lost many of his friends and he was therefore, expressing his feelings through music.


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