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I have always been fascinated by the rich history, amazing architecture, arts and music in Russia. I promised myself that my first trip to Europe would be in Russia. I wanted to experience the country in all its seasons; the magical snow that falls in winter, the beautiful autumn when all colors change, and the vibrant Russian summer where the carnivals, concert and exhibitions never end. Russia is the largest country in the world with so much to cover. I, therefore, decided I would do a tour of the two capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg (Richmond & Bennette, 2009).

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I boarded the plane at 7pm on Tuesday evening in May, for a 10hr flight. I arrived at the SVO in the afternoon on Thursday, feeling like I had travelled half the world. I was exhausted and could not wait to get to the hotel. I checked into hotel Maxima Panorama, and was glad they were still serving lunch; I was really hungry (I didn’t eat much on the plane). Moscow is extremely beautiful during this time of year and I could hardly wait to see for myself what I had read, and

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l watched in movies about this city. Due to the time difference, a nap seemed like a good idea, and I indulged.

Early the following day, I decided to start my tour at the Kremlin (symbol of political power in Russia) then headed to the State Amory. This is the oldest museum in Russia that has the monomachus cap (crown worn by the Russian stars). In the evening, I went to St. Basils Cathedral to admire the amazing architecture. I thought I would start the day by touring the Kolomenskoe Park, which was just a few minutes metro ride away. After the water bus and horse riding, I went to one of the world’s finest art galleries, the Tretyakov Gallery. I had to cut my visit short as I had to catch an overnight train to St. Petersburg.

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St. Petersburg is the European version of Russia. It was built in the 18th century by Peter I, the great. It is the most beautiful Russian city with Canales of Venice and palaces of Paris that one never wants to leave. I checked into the Ermitage Hotel and slept till early morning. After breakfast, I could not wait to go to the Hermitage, which houses the oldest collection of arts and other treasures. It is located in the winter palace. I had some delicious Uzbek lunch and took a tour of the canal on my way to Peter and Paul’s Fortress. By evening, I was so exhausted that I could hardly stay awake. However, the nightlife beckoned, and I could not resist. The party life is breathtaking because people take advantage of the warm days in the year. I got back to my hotel a few hours before dawn, and tried to get some rest (Spaull, 2008).

 I wanted to get out of town when a friend I had met the previous evening mentioned that they were leaving that early morning for Pavlovsk by train. After breakfast, we left for the park. It was an amazing park that had palaces. By midday, everyone in the group was hungry. We found an amazing restaurant, the Podvorye Restaurant, which serves authentic Russian cuisine, and folk’s songs preformed as you enjoy your meal. The Restaurant is a Russian log cabin with an interior décor made of wooden panels with bearskin rags. We took the train back to the city and time seemed to stand still as I soaked in the beauty of the city during the night. I planned to stay in Russia for a few weeks, but I have been here for more than a year.

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