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In our daily life on this earth, we barely ever know what tomorrow holds for us, therefore, we all go through our days with the hope that all will be well and things will go as we had planned. However, mishaps catch up with us and they end up messing up our plans and they may even make us restructure the plans that we had made for the future. One pleasant young girl who is currently aged 13, and goes by the name Anna Fitz, very enthusiastic about life and can simply be described as a bundle of joy, can attest to the fact that life has twists and turns that make you review your plans and readjust to the situations that beget you.

Anna Fitz is a very talented young girl who has always been interested in the sciences and technology. Her parents noticed that she particularly was fascinated with computers and always went on a discovery for herself whenever she was given the chance. However, it was unfortunate when she and her family got into an accident that affected her vision to the point of leaving her blind. Being in her 7th grade, her parents and teachers, who did not want her to waste her talent because of the inability to see, went in search of solutions that would help her nurture her talent and interest. They were willing to do anything so as too ensure that her talent brought her some earnings, and brought her joy as well.

In this search came the discovery of assistive technology for those that are visually impaired. Therefore, they got to the realisation of an assistive technology (Dyal.A. et al, 2009)that assists the blind whereby they have screen readers that “talks” to the reader with synthetic speech, hence Anna still has hope in realizing her dreams.


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