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Chinese people always said, “Do not let your brain rust” and “Recall the things from your brain”. With those words, they tried to say keep training your brain until your dead to avoidance the dementia and the past always is memorable. Even if, things, case, or process hurt someone, but one still remember it. Then this is memorable. In the famous America movie called Titanic, it used the flash back to recall crucial events. In this process, it was sad and heartrending, but there were some extremely meaningful things and memorable things there. For me, I had an extremely enthusiastic and happy memory in my high school. At that time, I did not have any school pressure and any living pressure. However, I turned 20years old now. I miss the past; I miss the high school; and I miss my friends. Those things bring me many memorable moments.

When I reflect about may days in high school I find fascinating things that I have been throughout in my life. I had exceptionally amusing friends who made my stay striking in my entire life in high school. There were many social events organized in schools and some outside the school. For example, we could not miss any of the bashes organized in the school. Availability of ample time favored us to attend bashes. One of the memorable events was the sweet times that we had with friends during clubbing. Almost all Fridays we used to go clubbing all night, drinking all stuffs ranging from soft drinks to liquors. I can remember more than ten times some of my friends have lost memory due to over drinking. Some fun time was during birthday’s celebrations of my friends who have their birthdays fall at times we were in session. We used to arrange extremely influential party with friends invited across all the classes. Drinking alcohol and dancing was one of the major things in these birthday celebrations. Finances were not an issue in the organization of the events because parents understand and used to provide for us. Those friends who failed to get financial assistance from parents had no problem since they got assistance from friends.

Every good thing has unpleasant side. I have to mention that along these pleasant times we had in high school, we also experienced terrible things. However, in most instances the enjoyable moments surpassed the unpleasant ones.

These memories turned to a dream after I joined college. College life is extremely demanding compared to high school life. The free time I enjoyed in high school is no longer there. This is because of many tasks required at prescribed tight time target. For instance, in college lecturers assign students homework almost every time. This forces the student to research on the topic and makes submission as directed by the lecturer.

Students in college tend to be concerned with their goals as individuals. Majority does not care about what friends want, and they easily terminate friendship with friends who go against their goals. As a result, most friendship in college is on an academic basis or goal that one has in life. This creates a significant difference between life in college and that in high school. In addition, as one grows one becomes more responsible for his life. The financial support by parents tend to decline, this forces the individual to step up for his up keep. Once responsibilities set in, one shun from activities that require money. This implies that in college students reduce their times the go clubbing, drinking and many enjoyable moments prevalent in high school. Unfortunately, I have to acknowledge this as part of my college life, which is in contrast with pleasurable moments in college (Koneman, Carver, & Clifton, 2002).


Certainly, I can not forget the life experiences in high school. How I wish I could rewind the events to go back and experience again that life. I am sure that I will not experience a fascinating life in the future than the one in high school. 


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