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I believe that there is life after death.  When people die, it is not the very end of their living, it is simply another stage of one’s existence, because when God created us, He put our soul and our spirit with us, and the existence of God cannot end, so is our own existence, even if our bodies die. This shows that death is never the end and there is definitely something else, which is past the grave. Many say, life is holy and one needs to live it in a Godly manner because in the other life (the one that is after death) one either becomes a good spirit or an evil spirit, which would be the result of a not well-spent life. It is believed that either one will perish in eternal fires of hell or go straight to rejoice in heaven with the angels, which explains the existence of heaven and hell.

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Life is the existence of being. Traditionally, life has different passages, or stages, in other words, that is after one dies, one becomes a spirit. Life is said to continue after death biblically and also in the holy book of Koran. Biblically, Jesus is a good example that there is life after one’s biological living, because after His death, it took only three days for Jesus’ resurrection. He went to heaven, and this is an indication that life is in many forms, that is physically and spiritually. It’s evident that when Jesus said He would come back for those who are alive and even those who are dead, He will rise again for judgment, showing that when one dies, he/she just rests awaiting their day of judgment.

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Death is just a transfer from the physical world to another unseen world that only the dead or those who have happened to be there know about. Decease is a very long process with the first stage being the death of the physical body, then the shedding of the astral-emotional body, and lastly, the mind body shedding. After the mind body shedding, it is believed that the soul of a person can exist for an eternity before it is reincarnated on Earth. Many people still believe in the incarnation, they are convinced that one can be reincarnated according to his deeds. For instance, if one was bad during his life as a human, he/she would be reincarnated as an animal, plant, or any other creature/thing that is of lower evolutionary stage.

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The stories of people who have experienced a dead brain in the hospitals is a clear indication that there is life after death because these people often tell stories about how they were viewing their bodies while doctors were conducting a surgery, with some even being able to identify the doctors who helped saving their lives later. This has not been scientifically proven since life after death simply cannot be proven by any science because a dead brain cannot generate thoughts that are associated with the physical body. Some people may not recognize the fact that they are dead, which explains why there are the Earth-bound souls, or the ghosts. Such people are still glued to their left possessions or even the love that they had for all the people that they had left behind and they end up resuming their previous lives’ activities like going to workplaces where they had been working before their deaths.

To my point of view, life is anything existing, either it is roaming physically or spiritually. In addition, it is said when one is asleep, he/she is half dead, showing that death is a stage that one passes in order to see the other world; thus, when one dies, they just roam to the world that is not well-known to all of us. Heaven and hell, angles and demons, God and Satan are all an indication that there is life after death. Biblically, Jesus said that death was just a transfer to another world, where a person could do more than he/she did while alive. 

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