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A promise is a word given by someone or by some people to assert their commitment at fulfilling an obligation. Michelle M. Tokarczyk in her writing on education matters tries to bring out how well, American education “especially public “works by shading light on such critical issues as gender, class, the promise of education and how better we can make it be. This author engages students in trying to find out where the American education keeps the promise it makes to students. She also looks at the milestones of modern education today.

I will relate Tokarczyk writing on Education matters with Baruch College which is one of the ten senior colleges of the city university of New York .Baruch college boasts of over 15,500 students with diverse ethnic back grounds as they come from over 160 countries world over. The university also boasts of keeping the American dream alive. Through offering this valuable resource known as education, Baruch College fulfills the promise on provision of world class education (1996-2010, Division of Student Development, Baruch College)

The college also offers academic scholarships to the bright needy students who have at least accumulated 24 credit units in their academic work. The college also offers Loans to the students. By offering Health, Wellness and Safety programs that encompass, Immunization, mental health counseling center, and Resources information. (1996-2010, Division of Student Development, Baruch

The college also offers security by the department of public safety. This department features fire safety footages in all the public area in campus like at the; Library, Administrative building among others. It is also college policy that both employees and students report crimes, loss of property, illness, safety hazards or injury.

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This college also looks into my needs as a student through career development that is offered as a comprehensive career service to both under graduate and graduate students. Still on the same aspect of service provision they also have “walk-in “counseling services for all students and since no prior notice is needed it becomes convenient to most students.

My democratic rights have also been looked into as the college has put in place a student leadership initiative where the student leaders are democratically elected my means of a vote. The student leadership body comprises of the Undergraduate student Government (USG) and the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA).They also have student clubs and organizations that meet on Thursdays and Fridays for both undergraduate and Post graduate students respectively.

Hand-in-Hand with the above is a mentorship training program on student leadership development dubbed Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M).This program focuses on the Social change Model of leadership Development a model developed by the Higher Education Research institute of UCLA.Through these Training students are empowered to make positive changes through taking action for the betterment of their community. The trainees are empowered with skills such as conflict resolution, Interpersonal, communication, mediation skills and self awareness. These skills sharpen the students’ leadership potential through developing a strong relationship.

Housing is yet another paramount need in a student’s life while schooling. The Baruch college has an arrangement in place that adequate caters for accommodating all college students in well furnished spacious rooms in Lower East Side Manhattan of New York City with magnificent views. The rooms come in singles, doubles and triples.Baruch also has an independent Educational Housing service unit that runs several students house units in New York town.

My educational needs have not been left unattended to either with the big state of the art William and Anita Newman Library, doing my assignments has never been easier .With a whole range of academic books, journals, magazines, Newspapers, DVDs ,CDs, Videos ,E-reserve and Databases can borrow, renew books, I can also access Printing, photocopy services, study rooms,PCs and Laptops. It’s also proud of her rich history documented in the ticker magazine for the Undergraduates and Graduates’ voice by the students themselves. Audio lovers enjoying the WBMB Radio “for the students by the students”. (1996-2010, Division of Student Development, Baruch College)

In a nutshell the proponents of Promises to keep on education shed a lot of light on race issues, gender class. At the Baruch college i still have a born of contention with the way things are run hence the emergence of two Classes that of the poor who depend on the scholarships and that of the rich students who come from the crème Della crème of the New York families. The establishment of two different Classes that of the Undergraduate students (Ticker) and the Graduate students (Voice) is yet another aspect that has not gone well with me as this separation of academic classes brings about conflict of interest over who is the dominant of the classes.


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