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It was on a Monday morning and my parents were to leave for an oversea trip. We were left behind me, my elder sister and the maid. By then I was only seven years old. It was all time for freedom and relaxed moments since we were in our holiday vacation. My sister and maid had gone to the city to purchase kitchen essentials. They delayed in the city and I was feeling so hungry. I decided to look for something to eat but there was none. It immediately crossed my mind an idea to prepare something to eat. With no idea of where to begin I opted to start with lighting the gas cooker as my mum usually do and placed a cooking pan on the fire with the cooking fat. After I finished cooking, hurriedly took my food to the dinning table and paid little attention on the knob of the gas if it was tightly closed.

Later my sister and maid arrived and the maid went straight to the kitchen, to cook lunch. With no concentration on the smell because she was sure that nobody has touched it, she lights a match stick and the all kitchen was at a blaze because of the gas that had escaped. We managed to put of the fire and tried to establish its cause which later proofed to be my negligence which lead to the escape of the gas. From then I resolved to be careful and understand something first before handling anything new. The mistake ignited a quest for knowledge to try and understand the facts that relates to the source of the fire. It resulted to the development of a culture to seek knowledge because “knowledge is power”.


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