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In this essay, I will be talking about abortion, and my conviction to change my view regarding my prior view about abortion. I will be narrating on what it took to change my perception regarding abortion. American society is based on the power of independence and the right to choose what one decides to do with their life. In biomedical ethics the case about abortion is still questionable on who has the power to decide destiny of the other. I have studied about abortion in Biology AP class in high school while I was writing a term paper on how an individual has mandate over others. However, I understand the power that I was entitled to and that subject that I had done was similar to that of Tobias wolf which was illustrated in short essay though I wasn’t aware the negative impact it had on others (Potts 26).

Though the topic abortion is one of the out-dated subjects I decided to take this paper by a chance. I was fascinated to write about the subject at first the reason being it was insignificant topic that had been debated for long with a lot of arguments. At that moment I was not decided on the cases that were concerned about abortion; I only knew that it favored expectant teenagers to continue schooling to enable them have a brighter future.

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Apparently, my opinion in the context were based on age group thus it was easy to declare ones stand about abortion freely on whether to support doing it or be against. After putting down our suggestion on a piece of paper and we gathered the papers together and it was decided that there was a need to disapprove our own views and support the other views. I was astonished when I heard that, though I remained silent, I was convinced that may they wanted to transform my religious conviction and my values to others.

I did not comprehend why I reacted that way since it was just a scheme to realize what the opposition side felt. I was devastated since they exposed off my freedom to be sovereign and they were trying to instill some moral values which were irreligious, lastly I accepted since the paper was to be used to determine my grade.

It was difficult to be incorporated into the latest insignificant beliefs after I had succeeded in getting information from internet and books the research would be less aggressive to handle. Most websites that I searched had only materials whose beliefs aimed at sustaining pro-life and all of them valued Christianity. I realized some of these beliefs had some similarities with our own.

In order to have anti –abortion thoughts one has to consider oneself in shoes of the victim who is the fetus and consider this example where the fetus is aborted in first month of its gestation period. As I went deeper into weird thoughts I imagined what a person would say if I had to think in that manner after that something came into my mind that i was just a fetus. I Imagined the kind of world I would I have been living inside an individuals body being provided with plenty of nutrients and how total darkness would arise at that moment .I was frightened only to realize it was a mere daydream which made my body to be stuffed with sweat. Many thoughts crossed my mind when I understood how death was incredible (Potts 24-25).

For once I had feeling that was similar to that Winston Smith who was forced to do anything by the government which they thought it was right. I had no choice but to do everything despite knowing that it would land me into infinite pit of confusion .My heart beat were fast and I was filled with fear of vanishing .After emanating many millions neurons in my brain an hour later after that trial I was able to comprehend why they were so many movements that supported life .I went ahead to analyze other pro-life views only to realize that I was deceived to only base my ideas on one view without taking time comprehend all the other views of the topic (Potts 23).


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