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Quoyle is a thirty six years old man working in a local newspaper business in Newfoundland. Quoyle and his family used to live in New York before went to begin a new life in Newfoundland. The aim of Quoyle is to go far from New York and forget the terrible experiences he encountered there. In Quoyle life, there are four women as described by Billy’s father who influences the decisions he makes. The women in Quoyle’s life have immensely contributed to his character in the novel.

Maid in the meadow

In this case, the maid in the meadow is his two daughters’ Sunshine and Bunny. These girls have been all he had after losing his wife to another man and later after her death and after losing his parents. His daughters have been supporting him in times of problems and of happiness. Petal’s irresponsibility made Quoyle raise his daughter all by himself with the help of his aunt. This made his daughter love him very much, and not only as a father but also as a friend. They have always lived peacefully even after the death of their mother and that of their grandparents. We see the love in Quoyle’s family, when the other members of the family try to help sunshine overcome the fear of a white dog she always saw. Sunshine and Bunny helps their father in his furniture work when he decides to join his aunt in upholstering. The love that bunny and sunshine showed their father, gave him the strength to carry on with life.

Demon lover

The demon lover in this book is her former wife Petal Bear. From the word demon lover, you can see the person described. Petal pretended to love him for all those years and then betrayed him by moving in with another man. Petal doesn’t mind the suffering his spouse and daughter will go through after losing her, but she only thinks of her selfish interests. She shows her lack of respect for his husband when she sleeps with another man and still lives in his house. In this book, she is the source of all problems that Quoyle was going through while living in New York (Proulx 91).

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Petal shows the lack of motherly love when she sells her two daughters to a black market adoption agency at a remarkably cheap price. She pays for her wickedness by dying in a car accident when trying to escape with his so called lover to another land. Petal has significantly contributed to the desperate steps taken by Quoyle. She has even made Quoyle lack the meaning of love and loving without suffering. The low esteemed, stressed, and cold man is as a result of petal’s influence towards Quoyle.

Stouthearted woman

The stouthearted woman in Quoyle’s life as demonstrated by Annie is his aunt Agnis Hamm. Agnis loves Quoyle as his own son despite the mistreat he received from Quoyle’s father. Agnis lives peacefully with Quoyle and his daughters as if nothing happened between her and Quoyle’s father. From the beginning of the story, Agnis helps Quoyle bury his past by advising him to move with her to Newfoundland to start a new life in their old family house.

She even shows her kindness by refusing to depend on Quoyle’s money and instead she starts upholstering other peoples’ furniture for money. She helps Quoyle go through emotional stress when he discover of the notorious reputation of their ancestors who lived in the house of their new home. Agnis has changed Quoyle from the lonely life he was living and took him to Newfoundland. Apart from emotional help, Quoyle’s aunt has supported Quoyle financially after they moved to their old family house. This gave Quoyle the spirit and motivation to move on with life. Quoyle appreciate her love very much because his parents didn’t love him (Varvogli 56).

Tall and quiet woman

The tall and quiet woman in this story is Prowse. She is the woman who helps Quoyle overcome the stereotype he had that people in his family lineage are not meant to love. Quoyle falls in love with wavey the first time he saw her. In fact, Quoyle start falling for her when he saw her walking style, and since then he was determined to fight for her. In the story, we see how passionately wavey loves her son and Quoyle’s daughters. She is haunted with the events that happened to her in the past like Quoyle. She is kind, polite and lovable. Quoyle loves the way she carries herself and sees petal as nothing compared to her new lover (Jacobs & Annie 61).

Finally, Wavey returns the passion for love that Quoyle had before marrying Petal Bear. The loves that Quoyle has for wavey makes him forget his past and become a strong man. Quoyle’s character proves that he is changed and that he is not cold hearted like his ancestors. He proves that he is totally changed by marrying wavey Prowse and breaking the myth that was placed on his family lineage.

In Annie Proulx’s novel, Quoyle has passed through several situations, which influence his life negatively and positively. Although Petal made him live a miserable life, he still got the opportunity to change in his new life in, Newfoundland. The character of Quoyle in this novel is developed by the women in his life. Quoyle represents a changed race in his family lineage and buries the myth that was implicated on their family.


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