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My name is Mamadou Thiam. Swantella is a close friend, I have known since we were young kids since we grew in the same neighborhood. From since, we have been close friends and as life progressed we became best of friends. We have shared most of our secrets. The friendship between Swantella and I, is one of the most celebrated friendship I have had. On the other hand, I came to know of Amadou through Swantella. We also became close to each other and we could share our secrets as well. I came to know of their relationship when Swantella and Amadou when Swantella introduced him to me and informed me that he was the man of her life.

Occasionally, we used to go for outside activities with both of them. I particularly remember the wedding we attended with both of them. This was a special occasion that called for celebration between the two since this wedding coincided with their reunion; the day they first became lovers. There was no better way to commemorate their reunion and this is the day when Amadou proposed to Swantella. That was the day they cemented their relationship. It was a memorable, impressive and special day as well for all of us, especially Amadou and Swantella.

Their relationship blossomed with time and their relationship was what everyone would refer to; a couple made in heaven. They were always happy together, had fun filled and exciting with very few arguments while together. Amadou was affectionate, honest, loving, caring and outgoing while Swantella was cooperative, caring, quite and ling as well.

After two years of engagement they cemented their relationship and got married. Nevertheless, there were times when they were not as happy together and this presented chances for them to discover where their hidden judgments lay. They started having disagreements and somehow discovered that they were not very compatible. Even if all marriages have ups and downs, they discovered that their marriage was flawed and they decided to go their separate ways to avoid further heartbreaks and future mistakes. That is how their marriage ended, however, they are still friends are always there for each other whenever one party has a problem. Amadou and Swantella’s relationship was true since they were always contented in each others presence, had the most loving relationship I have ever seen and even though their marriage never worked, they still care about each other.


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