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 High-speed police pursuit has brought about dangers of death and injuries. Accident has made the number of death and injuries increase due to a high number of pursuit increases. According to analysis at least 360 lives are lost each year because of this high-speed police pursuit. The national highway traffic safety administration, (NHTSA), have introduced main policies governing the safeties of people in the state so as to minimize the death rates. This is to control or reduce the incidents of accidents and injuries.

 Traffic accidents are the greatest incidents, and are prone to the urban region, they are extremely dangerous. Researchers are trying to find a way of minimizing these risks; unfortunately, they are unable, due to inadequate control of these pursuits in the urban places (Bankman & Shav 2002).

The cause of danger in high-speed pursuit is the lack of punctual reporting by police in the pursuit related crush. Most of the incident which occurs is mainly caused by police, where the police deny that the accident has not occurred cause of pursuit. An organization analyzed that more than 2500 people die every year and 5500 people injured due to police pursuit. Police training academy, is now in the duty, to teach or educate police and to train the essential of pursuit measures. The pursuit becomes acutely harmful and dangerous frequently. Police have an outstanding problem related to the high-speed pursuit because suspect gets away with the incident.                                                  

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 Research states that every incident, which occurs in an area, are caused by police through pursuit and can be a public danger. The dangers of pursuits are cleared, when a police on duty makes sure that when the pursuit accident occurs, the report is confirmed that the accident was not caused by high-speed pursuits. Thus, the accident was not pursuit related. The agencies go direct to the video recording equipments to check whether the cause of the accident was from replay of tape by radio transmission. It is known that 50 percent of pursuit accidents results in collision, in the first two minutes.

In the department of police, some policies have been designed to regulate the risk of death in the areas of pursuit.

  • Training of police force:  poor and low level of training in the police force May lead to the increase of accident and injures in case of pursuit. Recently, there has been an introduction of training of vehicles pursuit, in emphasizing on technical driving, and techniques without any personnel assistance. The training includes the techniques of how to deal with tunnel visioning.
  • Alternative to pursuit: in the reducing the risk of death and risk of life, the proper way of minimizing is to disconnect the pursuit. Research has seen that the termination of the pursuit can reduce the percentage of death and injures.

Agencies have introduced air strips, which are effective and reduce air loss. When something happens to cross the air strip, it will alert the police on duty so that he immediately pulls the tires so that the police pursuit passes, hence, the effectiveness of the air strip. Organization states that the increase in criminal penalties will decrease the speed pursuit (Gaines & Miller 2008).

The training offered by the police department, is to enable police in the line of duty, to be able to pursue difficult dangerous situations. This is the other policy that governs the pursuit safety. Interviews are taken during the training of the police force so that they ensure that every employed person in the department knows clearer the incidents which may be happened early. This makes the recruited police to be safety conscious.


 The high-speed pursuit should have powerful law which will protect the lives of people and the agency. They should be improvised high technology so as to reduce the risk of death and injuries.


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